Nationals 2011

Adelaide, ???on a plane, far from the United States…

So you’ve decided to attend the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2011 – this means you’re going to need to get to Adelaide for the weekend of the 7th and 8th of May.

If you haven’t already you’re going to want to REGISTER!

Excellent. That’s the hard part done, everything in Adelaide is ridiculously easy, seriously. Most of you are probably going to fly in, great, here are the directions from the Airport to the courts.

1) Exit Airport
2) Turn right
3) Arrive at courts.

Really? Yes! and the first and last directions don’t really count. Have a map if you don’t believe me.
View Map

A Taxi will probably set you back about $15, a regular bus leaves directly from the Airport (upstairs) and will set you back $4.60 for a regular adult single trip, you should be able to take your bike on the bus as long as it’s in a bag (I’ve never had a problem) but no guarantees. Really, you should just stop being soft, build your bike and ride it to the courts. It’s 7km and a straight line, so even on polo gearing you should be able to do it in under 1/2 an hour. Adelaide is also as flat as an ironing board, so there are no hills to worry about. You’re looking for the courts, and they are going to look something like this;

adelaide courts

Ok, sweet, you’ve found the courts. Now what? Well, we’ll be there till it gets Dark on Friday, which is going to be at 5:29PM on the Friday, at which point we’ll relocate to our friendly neighborhood public house ‘ The Old Exchange‘. This pub was famous for being the first building in Adelaide with Electric Lights (or so the owner tells me) – hence a brief stint known as the Electric Light Hotel a few years ago, but screw that, everyone knows it as the exchange, the pub where they never asked for ID and you’d get stuck to every floor. It’s cleaned up it’s image somewhat since then, and it’s floors, and is now the ‘Old’ exchange, so you won’t need to carry industrial strength cleaner to make sure your footwear doesn’t become a permanent fixture, nor do you have to ask everyone for ID before you, er well. Ok, that’s getting a bit off topic, how do you get there from the courts? Easy. Head diagonally north-west through the parklands, when you hit the main road turn right, then it curves around a bit and the pub is just in front of you. Here have another map.

View Map

It’ll look something like this, but probably with more bikes locked up out the front.

Old Exchange Hotel

Now you’re nicely refreshed you’re probably going to want somewhere to spend the night. Being May it’s going to be (on average) between 10.2 and 19 degrees, which is a little on the chilly side for sleeping in the parklands. Plus it’s Adelaide so you’d probably get molested or murdered or something and then have weird flashbacks during your game of polo and miss that final shot which would have seen you take out the championship and qualify for Seattle, so yeah, don’t sleep in the park. If you haven’t managed to sweet talk one of the locals (try Colin first, he’s our professional getting people into other peoples beds person) then you can stay at one of the local hostels. We’re going to suggest Backpack Oz. How do you get there you ask? didn’t you listen, everything in Adelaide is easy.
View Map

Those of you with marginal observational abilities, you know, above that of a blind rat, have probably noticed that this is on the same street as the courts. Beginning to believe me that everything is easy? There are a couple of other backpackers around as well, I’m sure if you punch in ‘adelaide backpackers’ to google you should be able to find them.

So you’ve got somewhere to play polo, to drink and to sleep, you probably want some places to eat yeah?

Breakfast we’re going to suggest; Biga, Nano, & ETC
If you have an aversion to delicious animal flesh checkout Zen
And there is always good food to be found at the markets

What about buying food to eat at the courts? Here is the closest IGA. And Booze? here or here or here.

And if you want to checkout some sweet bike shops in Adelaide, we’d suggest Treadly & BMC (if they don’t have what you’re after try some of the big name no love bike shops – Super Elliots or Bike Express)

Speaking of bikes and equipment there are a couple of things you’re going to need to be aware of before we let you loose (or should that be lose haha) on the courts.  All handle bars and mallets will be required to be capped and it’s a no brainer that helmets will be required to be worn. We’re going to have scrutineering before you’re first game and you’re going to get a sticker on your bike to prove that you’ve passed. If you don’t want us putting a sticker on your bike you can opt for a tramp stamp tattoo instead – Sam has a promised to bring a biro, safety pin and a bic lighter, you’ll need to bring your own antiseptic.

We’re also trying to make the refs jobs easier, so when you print your t-shirts chuck a number on the back, it can be anything, just as long as the ref can call you out easily eg. ‘easy with that reach around red 23′. If you don’t print/spray a number, we’ll happily oblige with some masking tape. You can wear any colour t-shirt you want, but you must bring a second colour to avoid clashes. First team on court gets to keep their preferred colour. If your team is not ready to start on time you’ll be playing 1 v 3 or 2 v 3 until the rest are – exceptions will be made for injury and major mechanicals. A no show is a forfeit.  Pick someone on your team to be the captain, and they’re going to need to initial the scoresheet at the end of the game. We’re also going to be calling on whole teams to help ref games (2x goal refs, 1x refs assistant), if you’re capable of playing polo you’re capable of doing this and it’s going to make the day run a hell of a lot smoother, so don’t complain when we ask you to. If you do complain you can make up for it by buying me a beer.

The rest of the rules will be the NA 2011 rules (same as worlds). Familiarise yourself with them. Ignorance is not an excuse.

So that’s pretty much all of the crucial info you need. Rego fees can be paid at the Pub on Friday night, or at the courts early Saturday morning (we’re still working out the days schedules), Saturday nights event is at the Old Exchange; and we’re sharing the establishment with a Flinders Uni Netball pubcrawl, and a UniSA teaching or nursing pubcrawl – which should offset the ratios nicely, and no I’m not talking about your gear ratio Steve (I’m talking about the boy to girl ratio). Sunday morning is back at the courts (surprise surprise), we’ll probably do something Sunday night but nothing is really planned. A couple of other bike related organisations are going to be putting stuff on (swap meets, rides, alley cats, that kind of stuff) so there will be plenty to do.

So come over, play some polo, and enjoy your stay.

Adelaide, we have huge balls.

Read about the 2010 Nationals.

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