Jingle Balls!

Melbourne Bike Polo proudly presents Jingle Balls

This tournament will be held in Northcote, behind the Northcote Social Club (Corner of Hawthorn Rd and Eastment St)

The Northcote court is a great location, close to supermarkets and bottle shop, with a big shade tree and grassy park area which is perfect for watching the games and enjoying a crisp cold beverage.

The court surface is unfortunately very rough and can be take some time to adapt to.

Registration will be $10 which includes the BBQ on Saturday at 1pm with vegetarian, vegan and meaty delights

A special batch of Bright Ale and Apple Cider has been created just for this event. Please remember to bring a cup or drink bottle

Heaps of prizes, many delicious hand crafted brews, incredible polo, free BBQ and guaranteed 100% awesomeness. There is an after party close by at the Northcote Social Club with a table booking for 30 people

First day will be Round Robin
Second day will be Seeded Double Elimination

We’re looking for some helpers on the day, if you’re keen to be a part of it please email me direct at robm@bikepolo.com.au

If you have a new team, enter Your name, Register as a Team and enter the Team name and your team mates can join the team after.

If you are joining an existing team, enter your Name and select Join Team from the drop-down list

Enter your details and team here

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