Autumn Tournament 2013

A quick note on payment and the $20 tourney entry fee

Last year in December the fee was $25 (including food, but not a t-shirt) and we received feedback that people thought this was too high and didn’t understand why this was the case. We agree we probably didn’t explain it properly at the time.
Melbourne Bike Polo has to pay $650 to use the Flagstaff courts for the weekend. (We also pay over $200 a week for Sunday pickup) This gives us flood lights and two courts with an amazing surface. We’ve tried to keep the cost down in every other area of the tournament. After a long discussion, we’ve dropped the entry fee from last year but it does not include food (or the t-shirt).
We’ll also try to help keep the costs of your trip down with accommodation, airport pickups, food by donation and local information. We think $20 is a great deal for a 2 day event. Thanks for your understanding!

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