Autumn Tournament 2012

April 28th to 29th, 11am to 8pm each day. On Sunday we will have an earlier finish time of 6pm so people can catch their flights, however there will be pickup till 8pm or later

Tournament format will be as follows
Day 1 – Round Robin
Day 2 – Double Elimination

Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals are all untimed. Any teams tied for places from 5th place and down will be settled by Goal Difference or rematch if both teams accept.

Prize pool goes to

  • MVP Male / Female
  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  • Best Rookie Male / Female
  • Best goalie
  • Best goal
  • Best heckle
  • Best team outfits (x3)
  • Best own goal
  • DFL

Registration is $20 per player which the proceeds go to the flagstaff court hire and drinks

Games start from 11am each day and go until 8pm. Please come to register by 10am on Saturday.

BBQ Lunch will be served each day for $5 including Vegan and Meaty options, salad and fresh fruit

Check our facebook group for daily updates

We have some great sponsors on board this year, including Knog, Felvarrom, Timeout magazine, Treadlie magazine, Skin Grows Back, Jetnikoff Bicycle Co, Velo Cycles, Creux and Down Low Polo offering some great prizes for our winning teams and additional award winners!

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