This page lists all tournaments and podium results in Australia from 2007 with links to reports, results and photos.

Upcoming Tournaments and Events

Australasian Bike Polo Facebook Group and Upcoming Tournament discussions

Adelaide possible tournament

30th June – 1st of July 2012
Possibly a team tournament on the Saturday, and a bench minor on the Sunday

Gold Coast, State of Origin

May 5th-6th (Postponed till further notice)

Completed Tournaments

Christchurch Winter (Half) Whack 2013)

June 28, 2012

Sydney Queens Birthday Weekend Bench

June 6&7, 2013

Melbourne 5th Autumn Tournament 2013

May 11&12

Melbourne Bad Santa Christmas Tournament

December 2012

Taupo Tapout

November 2012

Christchurch Winter Whack 3

New Zealand
1-2 June 2012
More Information

Brisbane Bench

29th-30th September 2012
(Party on 28th to decide captains)

Melbourne, Autumn Tournament 2012

28th – 29th April
Flagstaff Gardens
Results Day 2
Results Day 1
Poster and announcement

Auckland, King of the Cage

April 14-15th 2012
More Information
Results TBA

2012 Australasian Championships, Perth

24-25th March
McCallum Park
Full Results

Cirque du Sydney

24-25 Feb 2012.
Results at

Shuffle II (Bench Minor)

City: Christchurch, NZ
Dates: 12th February 2012

10-11 December 2012
Melbourne Jingle Balls Tournament
Day 1 results
Day 2 Results

28 – August – 2011
[demo] Sydney Footprints Eco Festival-Leichhardt Council

8/11 – September – 2011
2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (Seattle)

9 – October – 2011
[demo] Sydney BFF Street Fair

15 – October – 2011
Sydney BFF Bike Polo Tournament (date pretty locked in but not advised to get flights just yet)

“Taupo Tap-Out”

25 – November – 2011
Taupo NZ
Taupo Tournament is part of “Bikefest”

Registered Teams


22/24 – July – 2011
[demo] Sydney Bike & Lifestyle Show

23 – July 2011
[demo] Taupo Domain Demo Tournament

17 – July – 2011
Melbourne, North Carlton

5/6 – August – 2011
Christchurch Winter Whack ii

Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2011

Adelaide, 7-8 May 2011

1. Storm Boys – Lewis, Damon & Prawi (Leigh off due to injury)
2. That’s What She Said – Steve, Colin, Tom
3. Love, Sex, Violence – Virginia, Stephen, Locky

More  Results

More details on the Nationals page

Melbourne Autumn Tourney 2011

Sat 16th to Sun 17th April 2011
1st Storm Boys (Damon/Melb, Lewis/Syd, Neil/Ade)
2nd VIVE LA ROBOLUTION (Rob B, Vive, Rob M) / Melb
3rd LSV (Locky, Steve, Virginia) / Syd

Link to the Results page

Sydney Bench Tourney

Saturday 5th Feb, 2011

Final Results
Day 1 Results
Running Order

Australia Day Tournament

Melbourne 26 Jan 2011
1st Place – Gentlepersons (Leigh, Lewis, Scott)
2nd Place – Vive Las Vegas (Vive, Rob B, Rob M)
3rd Place – Big Top (Ali, Ray, Alex)
Chris and Ali voted by all players equal MVP

More details

More results

Adelaide Two Year Birthday Tourney,

1st – Really – Damon, Vive, AJ (Melbourne)
2nd – Seamen – Neil, Colin, Ben (Adelaide)
3rd – Eurasian Sensations – Prawi, Benee, Chris (Perth/Melbourne)

Day 2 individual results Australian National Hardcourt Championships 2010
Saturday + Sunday 18th & 19th August , 2010
Musgrave Park, Brisbane 1st Place: Johnny Crash: Damon, Leigh, Rob Booth (Melbourne)
2nd Place: The screaming baguettes: Locky, Virginia, Julian (Sydney)
3rd Place: German Bells: Marcus, Chris, Dave/Shirts (Brisbane)

Winter Whack Tournament,

Christchurch NZ Saturday 14th August , 2010
Announcement and Flyer

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, 2010

13th – 15th August , 2010
More Info

Melbourne Pre-WHBPC Tournament

Saturday August 7th, 2010

1st: Top Centre – Melbourne (Damon, Ray, Leigh)
2nd:Polocalypse Now (Rob, Tali, Vive)
3rd:the Crazy 88′s Death Squad; Benny, Kez, Sam, Aaron (subbed)

4th: Polonators: Jem, Ian, Dave


Brisbane Throw Up, 2010

Saturday May 29 Sunday May 30, 2010
Musgrave Park, Brisbane

Best Overall: Damon (Melbourne) +7
Top Goal Scorers: Equal Damon & Gypsy 24 goals each over the weekend.
Flyer, Photos and Full Results

Melbourne Autumn Polo Invitational 2010

Saturday May 8, 2010
North Carlton Court

1st: Top Centre – Melbourne (Damon, Ray, Leigh)
2nd: Chilli bin laden – Sydney (Locky, Virginia, Brad via LA)
3rd: Frogs legs – Sydney (Maija – via Toronto, Lewis, Kez/Melbourne)

Click for the full Announcement here
Full Results

Warburton Cycle Fest Demo Tourney

Saturday May 1, 2010
Warburton Primary
Single Elimination. Teams must include one new player. No pre-registration

Adelaide Easter Sunday Bench Tourney

Sunday April 4, 2010
Wakefield Rd Courts
Teams selected on the day. No pre registration.
Results and report

Brisbane Tourney: The Bush Turkeys Revenge

Sunday February 21, 2010

Throw in Tourney with Loads of prizes with proceeds going to haiti relief fund
announcement at
No results posted

Sydney Chuck it in* Bro, Waitangi Day Tournament

Saturday February 6, 2010
Alexandria Park
(*not a throw in tournament)

1st – Bush League Bushrangers – Lewis (SYD) Mitch (SYD) Maija (Toronto)
2nd – Chillly Bin Laden – Locky (NZ/SYD) Ben (SYD) Virginia (SYD)
Equal 3rd – Top Centre (2 lefts don’t make a right) – Damon (MELB) Ray (MELB) Vive (MELB)
Team Coopers – Joe (SYD) Doddy (SYD) Shifty (SYD)

Full Results

Melbourne Throw in Throw Down

Tuesday January 26, 2010
Bench Tournament, 7 player Semi-Randon Teams

First Place, “Team 2″:
Damon, Melbourne, Captain
Kez, Melbourne, Vice Captain
Vive, Melbourne (Voted MVP)
Niki, Belgium
Dan, U.K. by way of Melbourne
James, Seaford OZ
Caff, Melbourne
Thorin, Melbourne

Full Results
Photos at Hopskid
Report by Anthony (Organiser)

Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2009 (AHBPC09)

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th November
Flagstaff Gardens multi-purpose court

1st Place – Meat & 2 Veg, Melbourne (Leigh, Rob and AJ)
2nd Place – Scheisse Katze, Germany, Melbourne (Kaiser, Alex and Easy)
3rd Place – Bush League Bushrangers, Sydney/Toronto (Lewis, Mitch and Maija)

Full Results

2 vs 2 Melbournament!

Saturday September 5, 2009
North Carlton

1st. Tap Tap  (Damon, Ray)
2nd. Borries (Bart, keZ)
3rd. Stop The Rot (Rob, Scott)

Full Results

Sydney All Good Things Come in two’s, 2×2 Tourney

Sunday August 9, 2009
Blackwattle Bay

1st- Fabrique au Canada – Leigh + Damon
2nd- Gorgeous Hipsters – Lewis + George
3rd- Team RayJay – Ray + AJ

Full Results

Brisbane Tournament

Sunday June 14, 2009
Musgrave Park
Random Teams

1st Squatters, Simon, Mace, Karl
2nd Swift and Shift, Shifty, Gypsy, Ben
3rd Slightly Average, Antmandan, Jamie, Kenny

Full Results

Melbourne Autumn Tournament

May 30 & 31, 2009
North Carlton
Day 1, Set teams elimination, (BYO team or enter the ballot).
Day 2, Pickup polo + trackstand, footdown, quickstop + more.

1st Place, Top Centre (4 eva) (Ray, Pete and Damon)
2nd Place, Three Less Horses (Leigh, Rob and Robbie)
3rd Place, My Milkshake Brings The Boys To The Yard (Kez, Ryan and Will)

Full Results

Sydney Bike Polo Open

Sunday March 15, 2009

1st Team SCS: Woric, Clint, Damon2nd Team Coopers: Smokin’ Joe, Pete, Alex

3rd Team Suicidal Pony: Mex, Mitch, Jen

Full Results and Photos

Melbourne Bicycle Film Festival

Saturday November 22, 2008
Carlton Gardens
Round robin, Single Elimination finals

1st: Top Centre 2 – Damon, Ray, Will

2nd: The League of Extraordinary Penguins – John, Jem, Alex

3rd: Road Smut (aka Road Kill) – Shaun, Sam, Eric

Full Results

Melbourne’s First Bike Polo Tournament

Sunday October 5, 2008
Carlton Gardens
Round robin, Single Elimination finals

  • 1st: Top Centre – Damon, Ray, Pete
  • 2nd: iii – Nik, Will, Vik
  • Smut Peddlers – Jerrod, Sam, Robbie

Full Results

4-5 Dec 2010

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  1. You forgot the Sydney Bike Polo Open on 15 March 2009.. I suppose it doesn’t really matter because 2/3 of the winning team was from Melbourne!

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