WHBPC ’11 – Seattle

In the last week the dates for the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships have been locked in. Dates are set for 8-11 September in Seattle, Washington.

If Berlin 2010 is anything to go by we should see a “Wildcard Tournament” take place on the thursday (8th) where unqualified teams compete for a birth in the Championships. Friday and Saturday (9th and 10th) will most likely see Swiss rounds sorting out the bracketing for a double elimination final bracket on the Sunday (11th).

Keep your eye on the prize kids.

I’ve been pushing for a firm answer from Seattle on how many spots Australia will be given for the Championships. Ideally we would have known by now, but Seattle having only just confirmed their date and venue (and hence how many courts and how many teams it can host) is, at this point, unable to give us a solid answer.

Far from confirmed, but word is we can expect between 4 and 6 spots. Australian teams will also be able to register for the Wild Card Tournament as an alternate way to gain a position in the Championships.

European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010 – Geneva

Greetings from Berlin!

So far in the last month I’ve played polo in Paris, Karlsruhe, Geneva (Euro Champs), Munich (Masscup indoor tourney), and just arrived in Berlin where in two weeks I will be joined by my Sydney team mates, 2 Melbourne teams and a team from Adelaide where we will all compete in the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.

For some idea of the standard of polo in Europe, the Euro’s in Geneva 2 weeks ago hosted 48 teams from across the continent, on 3 immaculate, identical courts, over 2 days.

The courts were built from demountable hockey boards, 32m x 16m, and 3 sets of amazing, fire-engine-red, netted custom POLO goals.

The final game went to 5-4, and took 32 minutes for L’Equip (Geneva) to finish Cosmic (London) to claim European glory for the second year running.

1. L’equipe (Geneva)

2. Cosmic (London)
3. El club (Barcalona)
4. Rotten Apples (London)
5. Toros (Munich) / Polosynthese (Frankfurt)
7. Apologie (Paris) / MGM (Paris)
9. Bambule (Berlin) / ToughShit (Munich)/ MoteurF (Geneva) / SharkA (Karlsruhe)
13.PoloEro / Clowns / Roling Hoods / Netto
17.BAD / EHVFXD / PoloStubli / IronPony /Rakete / RICircles / Broken Legs / DBAA
25.Barca / Lausanne / Marteau Players / Cambridge / Malice / Budapest / 69ers / Malaforca
More photo sets on the site here.