That old question…..?

To cap or not to cap? from Josh Meyland on Vimeo.

I stumbled across this little gem while browsing other polo videos on Vimeo.

Sweet little short film. I know personally I’ve gone back and forth between capped and uncapped. Pretty happy with uncapped at the moment but who knows what the future holds.

With the increasing availability of light, well thought out caps I’m sure more and more people will look towards them for those faster, more accurate shots.

Check St Cago, MKE Bike Co, TPL (Total Polo Laboratories), Eighth Inch and the soon to be released Northern Standard heads for a different range of complete, off the shelf, capped heads or removable caps to fit your existing head.

Ladies Army 3 Final Game.

After winning Ladies Army last year in NYC with Delta Force, our good friend Maija backed it up this weekend with Cherri (Seattle) and Birdie (Milwaukee) as Cunning Stunts. This years Ladies Army was held in Austin Texas and was the 3rd year the tournament has been held.

Cunning Stunts went undefeated for the weekend and won the final 5-2.

There’s already two videos of the final game circulating already.

This first is a helmet cam Maija is wearing, brought to you by

The second is a Mr Do special

If you press play on the first video and wait about 5 seconds before starting the second you should be able to sync them up!

Fuck yeah!