AHBPC2011 Results

1 Storm Boys

2 That’s What She Said

3 L.S.V

4 Neil La Robolution

5 Los Polo Hermanos
6 Majestic Pink Shafts

7 Not Prawi Enough
8 Phuq Styx

9 Rejected Monkeys
10 Three Malleteers
11 Jizz Monkey
12 Godzilla Symphony

13 Shit City Polo Club
14 Lonely Mallets Club Band
15 Triple Dutch Rudder
16 Beer Break

17 Offcuts
18 Rising Sun

A note on the placings:
Teams are grouped by the round they were knocked out in. Placings within a knockout round, in the losers bracket, are ranked by goal difference of the match they lost. i.e. the smaller the goal difference, the higher the placing in a given group.

Edit by eeno: A few people have been asking who was in each team, details below;

Beer Break; Tsz, Andrew T, Salome
Godzilla Symphony; Nick M, Nick D, Yohei
Jizz Monkey; Marty, Brook, Donny
LOS POLO HERMANOS; Jol, William the ruckus, Benee
LSV; Locky, Virginia, Stephen
Not Prawi Enough; Shane, Brad, Tom C
Offcuts; Marina, Richard, Andrew F
Phuq Styx; RootBeer, Johnson, Ranga
Rejected Monkeys; Scottie, Kristo, Derren
Rising sun; Chelsea, Daisuke, Neal
Shit City Polo Club; Scott, Mattie, Wall
Storm Boys; Damon, Prawi, Lewis
That’s What She Said; Colin, Stephen ‘Bicycle Cowboy’, Tom P
The lonely mallets club team; Iordan, Sam P, Jack
The Majestic Pink Shafts; Jordan, Jamie, Ali
Three Malleteers; Sam N, Bart, Easy
Triple Dutch Rudder; Domenico, Oliver, Ray

Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo Tournament

Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo Tournament from Kevin Daly on Vimeo.

Wicked film, amazing polo, great court, choice music… What else could you want?

The quality just seems to get higher and higher in NA each month. The Worlds in Seattle latter this year is truly going to be amazing to see.

Video of the Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo tournament held on April 2, 2011 in West Lafayette, Indiana. 2011 Kevin Daly.