Skid Polo Report

The Melbourne Bicycle Polo Club was well represented in the MDMA ‘Skid Vicious’ Skid Competition last Sunday, as seen in Andy White’s photo essay at .
Alex pulled off both the longest skid and the overall winning skid, in excess of an estimated 105m! No news yet as to how many tyres he went through to perfect his winning form. The final prize pool was $125, although I’m sure there were more than 12 1/2 people racing …
Ray won the ‘foot down’, a bike variation of the party game ‘Musical Chairs’, with cyclists attempting to knock each other off their bikes without taking their hands off the handlebars, or their feet off the pedals. For his trouble he won a handful of cash and a white vittoria road tyre. Will we see him on a tricked-out fixie soon?
Thanks to Dimos, the only tram driver in Melbourne who can skip-stop a W-class, for organising a ripper of a day. Don’t know how the Alleycat afterwards went down, or if it went at all … more photos at Urbanbicyclist’s Flickr and .
Sunday Polo was held on the South side of the Exhibition Buildings, instead of the usual West carpark location due to the Melbourne Art Fair . Playing on a narrow (read: path-sized) pitch, with an interesting roll-off on one side down to the restored flower beds, made for longer-than-usual matches. 2-on-2 was discussed at one stage. Thanks to Damon for the box-o’-beer – I’m sure any unresolved debts will be settled by Sunday ;-)
Polo tonight at Ikea from 6:30, with pre-match drinks starting at 5:30, scuttlebutt and unsubstantiated rumour at the Royston Hotel, 12 River Street, Richmond. (Corner North and River Sts. Head south from Ikea along Burnley St, left / east into North St (work that one out), and then last on the left. Huge hotel. Can’t miss it.
Alex 4.o