In Soviet Russia, Ulak-Tartysh Played You!

ulak-tartyshAn American’s Search for Polish Fiat Replica Results In The Discovery Of Rare Videogame Based on Goat Polo

The only thing that could be more random than playing polo with a goat carcass stuffed with sand would be playing it with a live duck and having knife-fights to resolve arguments like they used to in Argentina.

A Pato player leaves his saddle to pick up the ball.

One interesting similarity between Pato and Bike Polo is the cinchada, where players contest possession of the ball in a tug-of-war, not unlike that experienced when bike polo players’ mallets get hooked, and try to pull each other off … their bikes. I guess it’s not called a tug for nothing.

I had no idea the videogame existed when I designed the Pong-inspired spoke card for the Melbourne BFF Tournament last year. Art inadvertently imitating videogames imitating life.


(original link via Boing Boing)