NAHBPC 2009 – Seattle

The North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships was an outstanding success. We had 35 teams, amazing competition and camaraderie, and some really great prizes. Here are the results:

1st Team Smile (SEA)
2nd Balls Deep (E. VAN)
3rd Beaver Boys (MKE)
4th DD Booster Club (NYC)
5th Mallets of Mayhem (Ottawa)
6th Ken (E. VAN)
7th Skid and Destroy (PDX)
8th Bobís Your Uncle (E. VAN)
9th Rampant Murder Cake (CHI)
10th Poloreo (SEA)

Brooks Talent and Style Award: Ben, Brian, and Joe (CHI)

MVP: Kremin (MKE)
MVF: Kelsey (SEA)
Best Lefty: Alex (E. VAN)
Longest Traveled: Jason (FL)
DFL: Vomiting Armadillo (SEA)

I want to thank our sponsors, the 206 polo crew, our refs, and everyone from out of town who lent a hand. I appreciate your help immensely!

Greenlake Crew