AHBPC2011 Results

1 Storm Boys

2 That’s What She Said

3 L.S.V

4 Neil La Robolution

5 Los Polo Hermanos
6 Majestic Pink Shafts

7 Not Prawi Enough
8 Phuq Styx

9 Rejected Monkeys
10 Three Malleteers
11 Jizz Monkey
12 Godzilla Symphony

13 Shit City Polo Club
14 Lonely Mallets Club Band
15 Triple Dutch Rudder
16 Beer Break

17 Offcuts
18 Rising Sun

A note on the placings:
Teams are grouped by the round they were knocked out in. Placings within a knockout round, in the losers bracket, are ranked by goal difference of the match they lost. i.e. the smaller the goal difference, the higher the placing in a given group.

Edit by eeno: A few people have been asking who was in each team, details below;

Beer Break; Tsz, Andrew T, Salome
Godzilla Symphony; Nick M, Nick D, Yohei
Jizz Monkey; Marty, Brook, Donny
LOS POLO HERMANOS; Jol, William the ruckus, Benee
LSV; Locky, Virginia, Stephen
Not Prawi Enough; Shane, Brad, Tom C
Offcuts; Marina, Richard, Andrew F
Phuq Styx; RootBeer, Johnson, Ranga
Rejected Monkeys; Scottie, Kristo, Derren
Rising sun; Chelsea, Daisuke, Neal
Shit City Polo Club; Scott, Mattie, Wall
Storm Boys; Damon, Prawi, Lewis
That’s What She Said; Colin, Stephen ‘Bicycle Cowboy’, Tom P
The lonely mallets club team; Iordan, Sam P, Jack
The Majestic Pink Shafts; Jordan, Jamie, Ali
Three Malleteers; Sam N, Bart, Easy
Triple Dutch Rudder; Domenico, Oliver, Ray

What to bring, BBQ, food, drinks

What to bring to the Tournament

As a spectator

Camping chairs if you plan to stay for the day, seats are limited.

A rug or picnic blanket, an esky and a jacket for the evening or incase it rains.

Sun screen, glasses and a hat may save you from turning into a lobster

As a player

The usual, bike, mallet, spare mallet, helmet, gloves.

Bring spares such as tyres, patch kits, inner tubes, spokes and tools such as spoke keys and multi-tools as a bike breakdown will not pause play and could cost you your match.

Having a spare bike is advisable, whether it be from a friend on the day or another player.  There are some bike stores in the area, but are at least a 10 min ride each way.

Media and Press

The courts are 40m long and 20m wide, side by side.  Most of the action happens within 1 second, so sports shooting camera equipment is a must.

Wide angle lenses are great for capturing the atmosphere, while 70-200 zoom lenses will hone in on the action.

Photography positions are available for photography at the sides of the courts.


As the Flagstaff Gardens is just over the road from the Queen Victoria Market, where there is a wide range of food to be had. The market has a large Delicatessen, Butcher, Seafood stall and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We will be cooking a BBQ for all players which spectators may enjoy for a gold coin donation.


There will be a BBQ for players with both Vegetarian and Carnivore varieties. Sausages, fried onion and fried mushrooms may feature on the menu. More details TBA.

There are picnic tables available next to the BBQ.

The BBQ has two plates so the Vegetarian and Meat plates could be separate


Drinking in any area outside of the playing field is welcomed, with recycling bins a plenty.

Drinking on the court is forbidden as broken glass and liquid will affect game play and everyone will be mad at you.

There are a number of shops in the area which will sell you refreshing beverages.  Check on the Google Map for nearby bottle shops.  If you are on a tight budget, we advise that you visit a larger supermarket on the way to Flagstaff.


Scroll around the map below to find shops, bottle shops, BFF screening venues, bike shops, train stations etc

View larger Nationals Guide Map

Cycling is usually the easiest way to come to Flagstaff from the inner suburbs, but if you forgot your bike…

Train stations

Flagstaff Train Station is the closest but is CLOSED on WEEKENDS. The nearest train station is Melbourne Central.
Melbourne Central Train Station is a 10 minute walk or 5 minute bike ride
You are allowed to take bikes on trains at all times

Tram Stops

Catch the Tram number 55, jump off at Tram stop 9 outside the Queen Victoria Market and walk towards the roundabout to Flagstaff gardens and the Multi Purpose tennis/netball courts.
Only folding bikes are allowed on trams.