Fight Like Hell – Results

Melbournament Group Photo
The Fight Like Hell Melbournament was held over the weekend. Seven pairs registered for the 2×2 round robin action:

Stop The Rot (Rob, Scott)
ZQKFX (AJ, Vive)
Wreck ‘n Ruin (Caff, Sam)
Tap Tap (Damon, Ray)
Jailbreakers – Castlemaine (Laurie, Paddy)
Borries (Bart, keZ)
We Xpctd Horses (James, Nick)

Abbly supported by the Melbournament mascot, a great day was had by all. A big thankyou to all who turned up TO PLAY (yes, i’m looking at you Pete!), especially to the Castlemaine crew, who proved that living in the sticks is no impediment to playing good polo.


1st. Tap Tap
2nd. Borries
3rd. Stop The Rot

A more complete roundup will be posted soon!

Top Centre!

Time for a collection of a few photos taken at polo recently. First off, skid vicious on urbanbicyclist’s flickr.

Alex Skids

Next up, ikea night polo: On tAlex’s flickr

Riding into the light

Riding into the light (nowhere near the ball...)

Last but not least, some hot bike pr0n on Jem’s flickr from last Sunday at Stanley St

Jems Steed

Jem's Steed

And for the good news… This sunday will be back to Carlton again, no exhibition this weekend. See you at 1pm this Sunday or noon at Atomica for caffeine.