South Central Shenanigans

South Central Shenanigans Part 1 from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

More Do.

Coming again from the South Central Champs in Little Rock, AR.

A nice little compilation of goals, crashes, hopping, shit talking and a little history on machine gun noises from Chris Roberts himself.

Check 0:44 and 2:14 for some KILLER goals from Miguel Reyes.

South Central Champs Finals

Final Game South Central from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

More footage from the South Central Bike Polo Championships in Little Rock, AR.

This is the final game, again featuring Barry White Supremacy (who won the game in the last video) this time up against Los Cuatreros.

Watch out for Alex Mills (Ottawa) – blue helmet – his first goal is a killer. Also Miguel (Austin, TX) in the blue shirt, is one of THE last strong holds of fixed slayers in North America.