First day at Flagstaff Gardens


The sun shone, the birds were chirping, the BBQ was fired up and so were were we to play on this smooth new court

It was a pretty good turnout for a Sunday, many of us turning up just in time to catch some BBQ goodness courtesy of the Vic Market butchers who were almost giving the snags away near closing time (remember for next time!)

The surface is awesome to play on. Turns are easy, the surface feels nice and soft under the tyres, and the ball glides straight along merrily on its way. We played double-court style, the game play being quite a bit faster paced than on one court.

We played till 10pm or so under the happy hum of the four supermega floodlights providing more than adequate lighting to play.

There were some spectacular spills, with Scott requiring a trip to the hospital for an ankle injury, and Pete and RobB both going superman over their falling bikes