World Championships 2009 Results

Last weekend the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2009 were held in Philadelphia.

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1st: Smile (Seattle, Seabass Leon Dustin)
2nd: Ballz Deep (East Van, Rory Chris Pieter)
3rd: Faceless Emotion (NYC, Doug Paul Zack)
4th: Wisconsin A (Jon A, Matt H, BriBri)
5th/6th: Ottawa (Coach / Ange / Alexix) and RVA (JT Nick Ian)
7th/8th: Madbikepolo (Jonny Ben Kev) / NYC/Philly (Chris R, Alex, Capriotti)
9th/10th/11th/12th: I’m not too sure, but i think it was Hero Squad (MKE), Machine Politics (LA/PDX? EDIT: Joe/Ben/Matt from Chicago), Prophecy (East Van), and retroactive abortions from PDX/LA?)

Photos from Urban Velo

Here are photos from the winner’s bracket: and

Male MVP: Seabass (SEA)
Female MVP: Kayla (PDX)

What to bring, BBQ, food, drinks

What to bring to the Tournament

As a spectator

Camping chairs if you plan to stay for the day, seats are limited.

A rug or picnic blanket, an esky and a jacket for the evening or incase it rains.

Sun screen, glasses and a hat may save you from turning into a lobster

As a player

The usual, bike, mallet, spare mallet, helmet, gloves.

Bring spares such as tyres, patch kits, inner tubes, spokes and tools such as spoke keys and multi-tools as a bike breakdown will not pause play and could cost you your match.

Having a spare bike is advisable, whether it be from a friend on the day or another player.  There are some bike stores in the area, but are at least a 10 min ride each way.

Media and Press

The courts are 40m long and 20m wide, side by side.  Most of the action happens within 1 second, so sports shooting camera equipment is a must.

Wide angle lenses are great for capturing the atmosphere, while 70-200 zoom lenses will hone in on the action.

Photography positions are available for photography at the sides of the courts.


As the Flagstaff Gardens is just over the road from the Queen Victoria Market, where there is a wide range of food to be had. The market has a large Delicatessen, Butcher, Seafood stall and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We will be cooking a BBQ for all players which spectators may enjoy for a gold coin donation.


There will be a BBQ for players with both Vegetarian and Carnivore varieties. Sausages, fried onion and fried mushrooms may feature on the menu. More details TBA.

There are picnic tables available next to the BBQ.

The BBQ has two plates so the Vegetarian and Meat plates could be separate


Drinking in any area outside of the playing field is welcomed, with recycling bins a plenty.

Drinking on the court is forbidden as broken glass and liquid will affect game play and everyone will be mad at you.

There are a number of shops in the area which will sell you refreshing beverages.  Check on the Google Map for nearby bottle shops.  If you are on a tight budget, we advise that you visit a larger supermarket on the way to Flagstaff.


Scroll around the map below to find shops, bottle shops, BFF screening venues, bike shops, train stations etc

View larger Nationals Guide Map

Cycling is usually the easiest way to come to Flagstaff from the inner suburbs, but if you forgot your bike…

Train stations

Flagstaff Train Station is the closest but is CLOSED on WEEKENDS. The nearest train station is Melbourne Central.
Melbourne Central Train Station is a 10 minute walk or 5 minute bike ride
You are allowed to take bikes on trains at all times

Tram Stops

Catch the Tram number 55, jump off at Tram stop 9 outside the Queen Victoria Market and walk towards the roundabout to Flagstaff gardens and the Multi Purpose tennis/netball courts.
Only folding bikes are allowed on trams.

Rules for 2009 National Tournament

Rules announced for Nationals.

20th November 2009

Based on Melbourne 2009 Rules and Current Practice.

In additon to reading the rules, please view this important safety video.

Earlier this year we discussed developing a national set of rules for the nationals with input from every city. The feedback from other cities was unanimous that the Melbourne rules should apply as the Nationals were being held here. This is consistent with hardcourt bikepolo around the world.

These rules are based on 2 years of bike polo in Melbourne.  They represent the way we actually play, decisions about these rules are not made by the person who writes them, they are made by everyone who plays polo.

Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship Rules 2009

Download these rules as an A4 PDF here.

Bike Polo is a game played in good spirit.  The fewer rules and disruptions to play the better, Keep it simple, keep it nice and keep playing polo.
Anything not covered in these rules is subject to the determination of the referee or officials.  The referee’s decision is final.
Rule No. 1
• Don’t be a dickhead.

• No mallets above handlebars near other players, Keep mallets clear of peoples faces.
• No ramming.
• Mallet handle & handlebar ends must be capped.
• No exposed outer chain rings.
• Umpire to stop play after injury.
• No mallet to body or bike contact.
• No throwing mallets.
• Helmets are required.

• No mallets under wheels.
(Repeat intentional offences may be considered a strong penalty)
• Like to like only contact is allowed: mallet on mallet, body on body (hip n shoulder) bike on bike (wheel on wheel).
• No grabbing, No punching, No slapping, No leaning on others people handlebars.
• Play others as they play you (if a player isn’t roughing you up, don’t take them out).

• No dangerous mallet heads. (Group consensus applies)

• Exposed outer chain rings should be removed, filed down or covered.
• You must have a brake.  Fixed gear counts as a brake.
• Limited time outs for mechanical failure (at the referees discretion)
Gameplay Rules
• To start the game, referee calls 3,2,1 (Polo/Go/Kill etc).
• Winner is first to 5 goals or highest score within the time limit.
• Shuffling, dribbling and passing may be done with the side of the mallet or wheels.
• Games are 10 or 15 minutes or first to 5 goals, finals are untimed.
• Games will be timed by the referee.

• There are no special privileges or restrictions for goalies.
• Any player on a team may act as a goalie at any time.

• If your feet touch the ground you cannot play the ball or obstruct other players until you have tapped back in.
• You may put your feet onto a vertical surface, but putting your foot downwards onto the ground, ball, mallet, edge cone or bike counts as a footdown.
• Unless playing the ball directly.  If you mallet another player and they dab, tap in.
• You must hit the tap out directly, or will be asked to circle around and hit it again.
• Tap in points will be setup on either side of the court at the centre line.
• If you are malleted, and you dab, you still have to tap in.

• Goals will be a pair of 1m cones placed 1.5m  apart (centre to centre).
• A height limit of the cones will apply for goals.
• Shots must be struck by the end of the mallet to score.
• Shuffles do not count as a goal.
• Scooping/Ball Jointing/Dragging cannot be used to score
• Own Goals count, including shuffles.
• Deflections off edges and other bikes on the court count.
• A deflection off the back wall does not count. (eg, the ball bounces off the inside of a goalie)

After a Goal
• The conceding team takes possession.
• Both teams to return to their halves.
• The scoring team cannot come back across centre court until the ball or any player of the conceding team has come past centre court.
• Conceding team may not advance till at least 2 opponents have returned to their half and turned to face.
• Scoring team cannot cross half till an attacker or the ball crosses halfway.
• In the case of the ball ricocheting from the goals back across half court immediately after a goal, the referee will instruct for the ball be passed back across half court.
• In the case of either team taking undue time returning to their goal or crossing half, the referee can issue a warning and call ‘game on’.
• Each court will have a scoreboard and score keeper.

Referees and Penalties
• Players should resolve disputes on court. If this can’t happen the Ref has the final decision.
• In some cases referees may issue a “Strong Penalty” for major violations of the rules.
• A Strong Penalty may order a player to:
• Tap In.
• Double Tap In (at both points).
• Give possession to the other team.
• Leave the court till a goal is scored.
• Refs will only make rulings on a score that is contested by players.
• A Ref will appoint a goal spotter at the start of a game and consult them when required.
• Refs are the only ones who can call a TIME OUT for injury, mechanical, etc. If the Ref doesn’t call it, keep playing.
• Ref will stop the game will stop for injury or mechanical failure resulting from a crash.
• Gameplay may not stop for mechanical failure due to poor maintenance or equipment. Referees discretion applies.
• A team may only substitute players in the case of injury, or at the referees discretion for other reasons.
• It is the responsibility of the team playing to have a spare player, bike or wheels available for substitution.

Out of bounds
• Nearest spectator to return the ball to play by throwing gently as if it had bounced off the edge naturally, without favour and not in front of goals.

Ball Replacement
• During extreme heat, balls will be stored on ice and rotated at the start of each game.
• If a ball gets stuck in the wheel or frame of a bike, the referee will stop and restart play.