Last Saturday the Melbourne polo players held the two-on-two Fight Like Hell Melbournament at the Princess Hill court. Last summerís Saturday games were held here, but probably half of the dayís players started this year. There were seven pairs registered for the 10 minute, first to three, round robin games and 15 min single elimination finals:

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Fight Like Hell – Results

Melbournament Group Photo
The Fight Like Hell Melbournament was held over the weekend. Seven pairs registered for the 2×2 round robin action:

Stop The Rot (Rob, Scott)
ZQKFX (AJ, Vive)
Wreck ‘n Ruin (Caff, Sam)
Tap Tap (Damon, Ray)
Jailbreakers – Castlemaine (Laurie, Paddy)
Borries (Bart, keZ)
We Xpctd Horses (James, Nick)

Abbly supported by the Melbournament mascot, a great day was had by all. A big thankyou to all who turned up TO PLAY (yes, i’m looking at you Pete!), especially to the Castlemaine crew, who proved that living in the sticks is no impediment to playing good polo.


1st. Tap Tap
2nd. Borries
3rd. Stop The Rot

A more complete roundup will be posted soon!