Adelaide Terrible Twos Throwup Tournament

Two great days of polo, beautiful hot sunny days, one refreshing blast of cool rain, two tasty bbqs and an endless supply of cold beer and cider

Day one was a scorcher of a day, 38c and the shade offered by the tarps was much appreciated. 7 teams entered the team tournament which played out as Round Robin with the top 4 teams playing single elim for ladder positions. Lots of high speed, intense matches were played with some spectacular crashes. Neil lost a tussle with the fence and injured his leg, ben and alex jousted and collided

Day 2 was much cooler with a few refreshing showers in the afternoon. The random section of players to teams was done by the Wheel of Misfortune. A great day of polo was had by all, some very close games, some absolute thrashings.


Day one: Team  Tournament

1st: team “Really?”, MEL, (AJ, Vive, Damon

2nd: team “Sea Men”, ADE, (Neil, Ben, Colin)

3rd: team “Eurasian Sensations”, MEL, (Prawi, Benee, Chris)

4th: team “Where the fuck is Easy #2″, MEL, (Sam, Tom, Rob)

Day two: Throw up tournament

Damon and Colin earned equal first place for their respective cities and Daisuke won first in his league

Prizes were Crumpler bags and some amazing tyre levers :)

Festivities included hand made pizzas (thanks Samalama!), Barefoot track stands, pub nights, foot down, unicycle polo, off-court hospitalisation and knife fights


Barefoot knife fights

Unicycle polo goalie

Steve broke his arm off-court and spent the night in hospital with Tom, Sam and Chris outside (at the pub) and me keeping him company in the hospital. Turns out he fractured his hand, had surgery and titanium plates put in. IRON MAN!

Thanks so much to the organizers Neil, Tom, Steph, Ben, Steve and of course Colin. You guys put on a great weekend and really pulled together to make it all happen. Go Radelaide!