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Many thanks to all the brands, shops and councils who have supported bike polo in Australia.

Also see details of tourney specific sponsors at out tournaments page

Australian Nationals 2009 Major Sponsor:

knog logo

Thanks to Knog for being the major sponsor of the first Hardcourt Nationals in November 2009.  With their support we were able to hire the courts, build the boards, feed everyone and keep the registration fees down.

Thanks also to Knog for profiling us in their 2009 catalogue.




Thanks to Velocity for providing major prizes for the Nationals in November 2009.  Thanks also for supporting the sydney 2 v 2 tournament.



Thanks to Crumpler for the major prizes at nearly every Australian tournaments including the first Nationals.  Thanks also for being the first and only sponsor to produce limited edition customised wheel covers.


AJ sports the new prototype mallet bag from Skin Grows Back

Huge thanks to Jamie and Cat for their continued support of Bike Polo in Australia.  In particular, Skin Grows Back are developing a polo mallet bag (at our insistence :) and provided the first prototype as a major prize at the Nationals in 2009.  Skin Grows Back are one of the very few sponsors who actually play polo and understand the needs of polo players.





Thanks to Dan for sponsoring some of our earlier tourneys and coming out to watch.



Thanks to the Cog crew in Milwaukee for sending over a box of magazines all the way from the States which we distributed to each registered team at the nationals in 2009.


Thanks to Sasha for supporting the Hardcourt Nationals and providing the prizes for best Female.



Thanks to Huw, scott and the rest of the crew at Commuter for sponsoring tourneys in 2009 &  2010.

Melbourne Bike Film Festival

Insert Description and specific thanks. Extra Prizes, Promotion, Screening polo video’s, and even in the promo before every film at every screening.


Many thanks to CBD cycles for their early and ongoing support for Bike Polo in Melbourne.


city of melbourne logo

Thanks to the Sports and Recreation division and the Melbourne City Baths of the City of Melbourne for allowing us to use Flagstaff Gardens and negotiating a great rate for its use for the Nationals.  Thanks also for the TravelSmart Maps, Reflective goodies for every entrant and the Indian Super Chrome bells for every prize winner.

Thanks also to the City of Melbourne for promoting Melbourne Bike Polo through their Summer and winter hot spots guide and getting Charlie’s pretty face into MX.

bsc logo

Insert Description and specific thanks. Helmets for Castlemaine.


Insert Description and specific thanks. Straps and he plays polo and knows what a player needs

fyxation logo

Insert Description and specific thanks. Tyres

Autumn Tournament, May 2009

Thanks to the Spokesman in Preston!


Skin Grows Back

My Mountain

Insert Description and specific thanks. Helmets

Bike Film Festival Tournament, November 2008
Thanks to:

Shifter Bikes
The Bike Film Festival, Melbourne

Our First Tournament September 2008
Thanks to:

Shifter Bikes

One thought on “Sponsors

  1. K Dub Bike Polo club is looking for
    Sponsorship for Bikebikeapolooza 3 2011 Oct 22nd, 23rd
    Waterloo town square
    Dear Potential sponsor of Bikeapolooza
    We are planing a third annual Bikeapolooza at Waterloo town square! We had a great time last year with 13 teams coming from as far as Ottawa, Toronto, Anprior, and NYC. We would love to have your help with this event anyway you can.
    Recently we have been setting up a court at the Square to Square event in Waterloo. A lot of people have come out and tried Bike Polo for the first time, and loved it! We now have most of those people coming out to our pick up games that we have at Guelph St Park every Thursday at 6:30pm, and Sunday at 2:00 pm.
    We feel confident that you will be willing to contribute to our event, because we have hundreds of people stopping to see us play. This will be a excellent way to get your name out there in the cycling community! In addition this event will bring you a large amount of publicity in the Waterloo Region.
    Your contributions could be in the form of money, food(power gel or power bars), or really cool merchandise that we can give away as prizes. This year we are being asked to pay for the space at Waterloo square, fencing, and insurance. We are in need of donations for prizes to accommodate four sets of teams. 1)-Team in first, *three relay nice prizes* 2) second place *three pretty good prizes* 3) third place *three so so prizes* 4) The team that comes in dead last, so even if there is a team that is relay bad. They would get something. There are prizes also give for worst crash, and nicest person.
    We encourage you to attach cards to the merchandise with your information on them. When giving the prizes out we will announce your store name and location. And a special thank you!
    For your contribution we will show your company logo in a variety of places. Such as: hanging your banner on our fence during the event! We will soon have posters made (like last year) and your logo could be added to them. We plan to put our posters up at any community bulletin board that will allow us to post them on. In addition we will announce who sponsored our event during the games and at the brake!
    We have a spreadsheet with a rough cost estimate based on last year. The spreadsheet on the second page will layout the importance of your contributions.
    Sincerely yours,
    K Dub Bike Polo Club

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