Games are played weekly @ Mount Lawley Senoir High School, 3pm Sundays.

Everyone is welcome, mallets are available for use, bring your own bike and refreshments.
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The best way to get in touch with Perth Cycle Polo is via their facebook group.

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  1. Dear Polo enthusiasts, I did not realize that bike polo was being played in Perth, i play polo on horses back and have watched Bike polo in Argentina.

    I would love to come and watch a match being played and would like to invite you to come to one of our horse back polo matches being played if you are interested…

    Kind Regards Angus James 0427172568

  2. I am in Rockingham, and the City council in conjunction, with our social group are organising an event for cycle week on 21st March, sunday.
    I have suggested that we arrange a bike polo match on the “Village Green” and the only way to do this is to have experienced players demonstrating.
    It is on grass though-cant get a big patch of bitumen.
    Please let me know if you can help.
    Cheers Doug Pritchard 9 592 5223

  3. I am interested in coming along to have a look/go at the polo. When/where is the next afternoon that you get together.
    Regards Patrick

  4. Hey Patrick.
    We are playing some mid week polo on tuesday night at 6pm and sunday at 3pm. both are at Mount Lawley High School.

    Check Perth Cycle Polo on facebook if you need more info.

    See you there

  5. Hey guys!

    I’m from Hobart and play BP on a casual basis, but I’m keen to check out the Perth Polo scene are you guys planning to play this weekend?


    • Hi Shaa. Yes, the Perth cycle polo club play regularly at least once but usually more every week. The best way to get in contact with them is through their Facebook page “Perth Cycle Polo”. On that page they announce locations and which days. Have fun!

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