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Bike polo is open to everyone. There are no seasons, we play every week, all year round and host tournaments and demos every few months. We hold sessions for new players to ease you in and get you rolling around the court. Come along and we’ll help you get started.

We play on all kinds of bikes, from single speed, fixed and geared, mountain bikes and road bikes. Most people start out on their normal street bikes, and most regular players are happy to lend their bikes to you. Bring whatever you have at home and see what you think.

Mallets and everything else you’ll need are available. We regularly hold a mallet making workshop courtside between games, so we can help you build your own custom mallet.

Melbourne hosted the first Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in November 2009. Some of the best photos of the 2 day Championships can be found here .

polo manual from blunt films on Vimeo.

Hardcourtbikepolo started in Melbourne in September 2007, we’ve played at dozens of courts around melbourne. Players from Melbourne have travelled to play bike polo everywhere we could find it in Australia, and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also sent players to New York, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, London and even Budapest.

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  1. Hey just wondering where and when your meeting next… Wanting to come down and check it all out…living in Melbourne…

  2. Hi Tom, have a look on the main page, there is a section on the top right called NEXT SESSIONS

    It has dates/times and links to find out the court details.

    We move around a bit, so make sure you check the next session before you venture out

  3. New court!!
    Guys – we have started playing at Seaford Football Oval on the courts there every Monday night @ 6.30pm.
    Anyone welcome to join us for a laugh.
    Contact: Bowie:

  4. hi guys, great to have found your site, living in Albury on the border, a few blokes and myself have decided to put together a polo club. just knocked up our first 6 polo mallets which will get the ball rolling, any one got street hockey balls in aus? looks like we`ll have our first game this weekend.
    putting Albury on the polo circuit checked out your rules etc the boys cant wait, it`s all going to fit in with a new Border Community Cycleworks we`re setting up. let you know how it goes. Cheers Scottish Mark.

  5. Hi Mark, thanks for contacting us!

    We use roller hockey/street hockey balls by Mylec or Franklins.. maybe your local hockey/sporting shops might have some?

    If you come down to Melbourne then one of our players Damon has a bunch of them he bought back from Canada

    Would you like a page set up for Albury? (Albury-Wodonga?)

  6. hi rob, yes mate a page for Albury Wodonga would be great, we had our first games, and it was a hoot, it`s a permanent fixture we have been given the Charles Sturt Uni. basketball court on permanent hire for the next 12mths. i`ts situated on David St next to the shell servo. north of Dean St,(the main drag). we`ll be there every sunday morning, plus one evening, TBC.
    the local rag was there, 2,in fact. not a bad wee bit publicity for the game.
    not sure how to post it but article can be found @

    cheers the noo Mark.

  7. hi guys,
    for the past month been try organize a bike polo game in the Hoppers Crossing/ Werribee area and every where seems to be private property that has a decent amount of space what can I do bout this? What size court is the best for bike polo as the mallets I have been using are shot polo mallets and have a longer range.

    Any help will be great

    Cheers Arron

  8. Hi Arron, great to hear another city is starting up!

    We usually play on car parks and use some old wood for edges. One of our favourite courts was a concrete carpark and had lights at night time.

    A basketball court can also work well as many of them are enclosed with wire fence which acts as a natural border.

    Try looking around on Google Maps (Satellite images) to try to locate any potential courts near you. Schools also offer large asphalt or concrete areas which can work well.

    You should consider joining the Bike Polo mailing list


  9. hey guys,
    I want to come down tomorrow night (april 20) and do some field sound recording for a uni assignment, but it looks like it’s going to rain. Do you play in any weather?

  10. hey guys,
    I am doing an exhibition about social sports and sports culture at the RMIT and would like to tape some of your games to use it as a video installation. It would be great, if i could drop by at your next games at Melbourne.

  11. i am trying to find a group that could possibly do a demo in Yea in December for this years Great Vic Bike Ride. Can anyone Help?

    Cheers, Mark

    • I hate seeing guys get injured and headshot hits (unless th#1e&82y7;re bareknuckle in a fight), but it sure looked like Glencross was just riding Ballard along the boards, lifted his stick, and didn’t bury him from behind face first into the glass – did I miss something?

  12. I will be bringing a group of 16 year olds from Tasmania for a 4 day tour of Melbourne. We would love to come and watch a game. Will you be playing bike polo on Monday, Oct 18th?? If so where can we watch or maybe have a go ourselves??

  13. Hoping to catch some bike polo when we’re down for Christmas from Vancouver. Will you be on a break any time from 1 Dec to 3 Jan?

  14. Turned up for bike polo @ Fish Market but no-one was there. We arrived around 8:30pm; were we too late? What time do you guys usually play till?

  15. Hey guys!
    Nicole, we’re playing all the way through xmas. (Some) Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays

    Luke, sorry mate, we are having trouble with lights at Fishmarkets and moved polo to North Carlton. Email me your phone number and I’ll add you to the Polo list

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  17. hi there,
    just wondering when you’re holding your next intro session for new potential players. i just found out about the one you held today, but i was too late!

  18. Hi Emily and Airlie,

    Yes we still play twice a week. Sometimes we play more often which we arrange via the e-mail list which you can join at the bottom of the front page.

    We are happy to hold intro sessions on a 1 to 1 basis any time we are playing (except for the occasional tournament days I guess), but feel free to get in touch by e-mail if you are planning on coming down at a certain time.

    At the moment we are playing on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings. The details of when we play are kept up to date on the top right hand corner on the front page of this website.

    Hope to see you soon!


  19. yo…..

    heading into melbourne this weekend and wanting to get involved in the tourny.. not regestered but good for it and way keen to play..

    lemme in yeah, i notice theres two players without a team…… sammy p and some guy from castlemaine.


  20. Hey. Noticed in your pics some of you have wheel covers. I’m looking for wheel covers for advertising and struggling to find anywhere in Oz nevermind Melbourne that do it. I found jinxy in the states that looks pretty good and ships here but before I take our cash stateside would love to find a locally. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Kylie

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  23. Was driving passed William Street and the kids saw the bike polo. They were keen for me to stop so they could watch some games.
    They loved the action and excitement of the game and had some fun watching.
    Unfortunately my 4 and 5 year old boys left with a new word in their vocabulary. I didn’t really want them using the ‘F’ word yet.
    Might be worth mentioning to the participants that it’s on show every time they play.

  24. Hey Rob, glad you guys had fun watching our sport!
    Sorry about the colourful language there, during a match things can become quite heated for the players and the crowd can also call out some interesting heckles
    We do try to keep it tasteful however there will always be some outbursts of emotion
    It may well have been me that dropped the F bomb, so apologies for that!

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    • The Perth Cycle Polo club play regularly at least once but usually more each week. The best way to get in contact with them is through their Facebook page Perth Cycle Polo. On that page they announce locations and which days. Good luck.