Canberra Bike Polo plays whenever we can at Ainslie Primary School – 33 Donaldson St Braddon

Lately that means Sunday afternoons around 3 or 4pm.

We’d like to try to get a weeknight session happening too.

The time and dates of our sessions vary based on player availability so check the Facebook group:

Canberra Bike Polo | Facebook

Bring a bike and drink, and get a piece of the action. Mallets provided. Spectators welcome.

But seriously, join the Facebook group, it’s where all the Canberra Bike Polo action happens.

The Canberra Bike Polo scene has had it’s ups and downs over the years. There was a brief Golden Age where we played every Sunday arvo and always had 6 players. It was a magical time, remembered by only a few, but the photos on the Facebook group (sense a theme) are all that remains.

For some of Canberra Bike Polo’s history, check out the links below:

Bike Polo has reached Canberra, Photos and writeup

Bike Polo – Round 2 – 19 Sep 2010. – Ty’s Weblog

More Canberra Bike Polo discussion here

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  2. Hello, who is the page manager for this? Canberra bike polo is up and running again! We have about 10 regular members, and would like to update this page so that we can keep the information correct. Just post in our FB group if you want to contact us.