Brisbane Bike Polo plays every Sunday at Musgrave Park (on the old courts behind the pool) starting at 2pm and usually running until dusk. New players and spectators are most welcome, no equipment is required.

More photos here

Brisbane Bike Polo

Brisbane Bike Polo

Sunday games are held at Musgrave Park

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  2. Hi,

    Can you please help me start an urban polo club on the Gold Coast?

    I actually play polo and would like to modify the rules slightly to make it ” flow ” more. That is, played on grass, larger playing area and 4 players ( forward, defence, centre, wing )

    Your thoughts are appreciated



  3. Hi DJ,
    pop over to and make yourself known to the regulars, there’s a world of knowledge. Though I suspect thatt he first thing they’d say is that rules slow the game down, and the fewer the better.
    Please also feel free to join the Melbourne e-mail list (link on the front page) Or even better, come down to Sydney next weekend for the tournament and meet a whole bunch of hardcourt players.


  4. This is the raddest game. I saw it being played in London it was crazy. How much do fixies cost here and are there beginner lessons

  5. Just checking you guys are still running. I went around last Sunday and I couldn’t find anything. And what are my options if I can’t find a team of 3 (or even 2)?

  6. Hi Speed Demon. We are most definitely still playing. There was a huge mob of us down there at 2pm last Sunday so I’m not sure how you couldn’t find us? Did you go to the old state high netball courts that are located behind the pool? We’ll be there from about 2-3pm this Sunday so come on down. Play on whatever you feel comfortable on :).

  7. I’d like to have a look at this unusual sport… When it it on? WHen is the next game? – there’s not enough info on this site.

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  9. hey guys, i would like to take picture of this polo bike activity and show it to my mates back in Indo cause we are thinking to make a polo club ourself, that if you guys dont mind. well i live pretty much across the street from where you guys playing.


  10. Hi,
    Thank you guys, for taking my bike polo virginity today in Musgrave (you were gentle!!)
    What time wednesday are you playing in Power House?

  11. christian, we are playing probably from 4/5pm at powerhouse. Lots of people work during the week, so it can be hard to get enough people somethimes. If you have facebook, join the ‘brisbane bike polo’ group for regular updates.

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