Adelaide Bike Polo plays informal, open games every Sunday at 2pm, unless otherwise stated (on here or the blog) . We play at the multi-use courts on Wakefield Road,  just east of the city. The courts have two basketball courts in the centre and unused tennis courts either side. The easternmost court has edging on the ends and one side. We have devised some portable edging to complete the fourth side. The surface is painted asphalt with some degree of cracking but nothing dangerous. All in all this is a great court for flowing games.

We always have some spare mallets and if you’re a little nervous about using your bike everyone is always more than willing to lend new comers their steed.

Come along and have a bash! We’ll be gentle.

Oh, and IT’S FREE!!

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6 thoughts on “Adelaide

  1. Update on the venue. For now we are playing on the multiuse courts on Wakefield Rd, in the parklands. Check the website for an up to date map.

    This new venue is great and the polo going off! See you there

  2. Thanks for the games tonight – it was great.

    Let me know when the next few dates are for games and I’ll try and get the other bike sorted.


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  4. Hi Marina,

    we’ve been playing at Adelaide High School while our normal courts have been occupied by the Clipsal. Thankfully it’s all finished, so we’ll be back at our standard location this Sunday. keep an eye on the Adelaide blog for things like location changes;

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