A Massive Thanks to the Spring Tournament Sponsors

The Spring Tournament was the biggest event Melbourne Bike Polo has ever held, with 24 teams turning up to compete for the top spot. Congratulation to the Majestic Pink Shafts from Brisbane, who beat Bukiki Party (Perth/Brisbane) in the final to claim ultimate victory.

The event was exciting, exhilarating, effervescent, educational, exuberant and ultimately exhausting! Which is why it has taken me so long to get around to writing this post, despite its extreme importance.

Melbourne Bike Polo’s Sping Tournament simply would not have been the same without help from the steadfast, superb and sweet sponsors. so a big thank you to all the folks who took the time to help us out. Click on their logo to go to their website and return the favour. In no particular order…

It’s not long now till we get to do it all again at the Christmas tourney (7-8 December).


New Melbourne court under construction!

** Updated November 2014 **



The court is under construction and current expected completion is March 2015.

** Update April 2014 **

$3m Construction contract was approved by council on 29 April.
View council approval documents here

The court and park is expected to be completed in December 2014. This is a 6 month delay on previous plans due to the unexpected complexity in relocation of underground services before excavation and landscaping can occur.

** Update June 2013 **

$2 million was approved by the Council on Tuesday night for the Cage redevelopment!

The Rathdowne cage is being redeveloped into a full sized multi purpose court in line with  our submissions.

Our submissions directly affected the design by:
-  Moving basketball poles from the court surface to behind the fence
-  Raising the concrete edge from 15cm to 60cm
-  Aligning steps flush with the courts edge and removing other obstructions
-  Making 45 degree corners
-  Placing surrounding lighting to maximise light spillage onto the court

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Spring Tournament Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2013 Spring Tournament which with 24 registered teams is the largest tournament to be held in Australia to date!

Because we only have two courts and we need to finish in time to run the Intercity Bench Matches we’re going to be running a super tight schedule – including an 8am start for the AM bracket. If you’re in the AM bracket and this is a major problem, please contact us ASAP and we’ll try to resolve it. If you aren’t ready to play when your game is scheduled it will result in a forfeit.

Teams in the morning bracket.
8am start

  • Womb raiders brisbane
  • Melbourne Anchor melbourne
  • Yeah Buddy melbourne
  • Pet Shop Boys II Men at Work sydney
  • Check m8 brisbane
  • Paloton hobart
  • Hopped up nz
  • A Few Good Men sydney
  • Frankston frankston
  • Monkey Magic melbourne
  • Chill Yourself northcote
  • We’ve Got Wood sydney

Teams in the afternoon bracket
12pm start 

  • Majestic Pink Shafts brisbane
  • O4Awesome hybrid
  • Best In Show melbourne
  • Bukiki party perth
  • Triple Tradie Threat brisbane
  • Spokeytokes melbourne
  • STP melbourne
  • Low-life Poloticians sydney
  • Wrist Rocket hobart
  • Time and Space melbourne
  • Polo Swaggns perth
  • Malaccas sydney
The first round of games will be;
8:00 am
Womb raiders vs Hopped up
Melbourne Anchor vs A Few Good Men

8:15 am
Yeah Buddy vs Frankston
Pet Shop Boys II Men at Work vs Monkey Magic·

8:30 am
Check m8 vs Chill Yourself
Paloton vs We’ve Got Wood!