Autumn Tournament wrap up

Last weekend, May 11th and 12th Melbourne bike polo hosted the Autumn Tournament for the 5th year running. This is the longest running tournament in Australasia, starting in 2009
Each year we have listened to your feedback, learned from the past and planned for the next tournament. Each year more and more teams arrive and we are proud to announce that this year we saw 22 full teams with players from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne (with teams from Northcote and Frankston/Seaford).

We used the excellent software to automate the Swiss Rounds and final Tournament bracket, where we ran the top 10 teams in the Whackers bracket and the lower 10 teams in the Hackers Bracket.  Due to a hiccup, Podium is showing an unfinished tournament (the Hackers bracket) and I have emailed Vince the Podium admin to remove this tournament.  Stay tuned

Quick note regarding final scores! Due to a hiccup with and being effectively locked out of the final scores and results, we had to go from memory. Unfortunately we made a mistake. 4th place was given to Yeah Buddy! at the awards ceremony but was actually won by O for Oweseome. This was highlighted by Ray from Yeah Buddy! who offered to return his prize. Congratulations to O for Owesome, and our sincere apologies for this mistake. You can review the full Whackers bracket tournament in detail below, a few pages down.

This year we saw a high number of novice teams wanting to enter a tournament but felt they lacked the skill to compete, so we voted to use the Christchurch Whackers/Hackers bracket system. The Hackers and Whackers brackets separated out the Top 10 teams into the Whackers bracket, and teams ranked 11th to 21st to compete in the Hackers bracket to give the newer teams a fair chance to compete in a fun tournament environment and allow the top tams to compete against the best of the best.

We look forward to seeing the progression of these newer teams, many of which are already showing great promise.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in, helped out, ran missions and assisted. Every one of these tasks made a huge difference to the tournament and helped the organisers concentrate on their duties and kept things running smoothly. Thank you to Dan Strout for flying down from Sydney with his broken arm and taking on the Head Ref duties. Massive thanks to our MBP organisers AJ, Andrew, Bart, Damon, James, Will and Gemma, we all pitched in and worked in our own free time (and some of us at work), giving up our evenings and weekends to put this event on

Here are the screen shots of the rankings in Day 1 Morning/Afternoon swiss rounds, the final seeding for Day 2′s Hackers and Whackers bracket, and the final rankings.  The hackers bracket was run oldskool cardboard/marker style, the Whackers bracket was run via Podium

Morning Swiss Rounds results

Afternoon Swiss rounds results

Combined Swiss rounds results and rankings

 Whackers Bracket (top10) Tournament ladder

Hackers bracket (Places 11 to 21)

Many thanks to our Sponsors who support Australasian Polo players and MBP tournaments, we thank you for your continued support!

Taupo Tapout 2 video

Video footage from Taupo Tapout 2 tournament in Taupo, New Zealand

Road trip from Christchurch airport to Taupo, some duty free, a scout hall and some climbing ropes.

All shot on GoPro HD Hero 2 and Hero 3 cameras

Unfortunately the footage from the final match between Disco Rollers (CHCH) vs We’re Fine (MEL) was unusable

Congratulations to We’re Fine for taking 1st place, with Disco Rollers putting up an extremely energetic challenge

Taupo Tapout 2 full video from mossko on Vimeo.

New courts found in Albert Park

While riding down to St.Kilda beach, I have discovered two excellent looking polo courts, in Albert Park on Aughtie Drive
The walls are concrete slabs, and have a few forklift holes which may need to be plugged if we plan to use these courts long term
There are two large gaps in the sides for players to walk on/off the court, these could be plugged with bags and mallets
The surface is mostly concrete with some asphalt

The location is here,144.971938&spn=0.002359,0.004823&t=m&z=18&iwloc=lyrftr:m,10070274171745809493,-37.851916,144.971852