Call Out to Host 2014 Australasian Champs

Had fun at Timaru? Want to see your club do the same?? Well, the time has come to submit a bid to host the next Australasian Championships in 2014!!! Get you club together and discuss whether next years biggest event will be held in your city.

The Jedi Council will be accepting bids up until Saturday, 6th of July. Head over to the AHBPA section of this site for more information on the process and criteria. Bids are also open from cities that have previously held it.

Meanwhile, we will be gathering feedback from the last two AHBPCs and putting together a good list of do’s, dont’s and recommendations to help you out. If you’d like advice, or have any questions you are more than welcome to email the Jedi Council at “” or ask your club rep.

Sydney Tournament on Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Sydney Bench Tournament - Her Majesty's Last Annual Bike Polo Regatta 2013

Sydney Bench Tournament – Her Majesty’s Last Annual Bike Polo Regatta 2013

Note to those outside Sydney: Yes, this is short notice, but with Melbourne’s Autumn Tournament and Christchurch’s Winter Whack within a few weeks, we have kept it low key and focused on getting Canberra and Newcastle to Sydney for development. For those that are disappointed or expect us to hold a large tournament – hold your horses, we are planning some big things at the end of the year, or likely in February again!

Sydney Bike Polo is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a small tournament on Sunday the 9th of June 2013!!! This will be a single day Bench Tournament with randomly seeded players to even everyone out. There will be a chilled out vibe with music, BBQ, drinks and costumes!

Further info can be found at the Sydney Bike Polo website.

We will be holding pre drinks on the Saturday night and of course, an after party on Sunday night. Don’t forget that the Monday is a public holiday so we can work of those hangovers with more polo!

All you have to do is register by the pre-party Saturday night to get involved. How much is t did I hear you ask??? WELL IT’S FREE!!!

The costume theme is “The Queen” so dress in anything royal, the commonwealth or Freddie Mercury. There will be a prize for best costume!

More information to follow, but for now, all you need to know is:

When: Sunday 9th June 10am until 7pm(ish)
Pre-Party?: YES please – Saturday night 8pm location TBC
After-Party? Oh god yes – Sunday night 8pm location TBC
How to register: Contact Brook or Ben or sign up at the pre-party
How much?: It’s free!
Music: Are you kidding me? Of course!
Food: Meat and Vegan BBQ options. Gold coin donations.
Costume: Mandatory. Drinking penalties apply
But I’ve never played before: Don’t be daft, get signed up and join in!

For further info, check Sydney’s site at:

London Open 2012 Highlights

I don’t know if it’s the high quality of play, or the fact it is in slow motion, but this highlights package is simply stunning. So many good moves, plays, shots and blocks. This years London Open saw 81 teams from across the world playing over two days. The eventual winners were “Yank Your Wank”, the underdogs from Seattle with a well deserved win.

London Open 2012 Highlights from Chan on Vimeo.