Allocations for 2014 World Champs Confirmed


We’ve just received official confirmation that our region is getting six team spots at this years World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships!!! The event will be held August 28-30th in Montpellier, France.

The qualification process for our region to nab one of these six spots is outlined on the dedicated AHBPA page ( Please read this carefully and contact your local rep if you have any questions. You can register as a team or as an individual available to join another team by emailing the jedi’s at ahbpa [at]

Full teams who’ve qualified from the Australasian Championships back in March will be contacted directly with an official offer of a spot.

Now accepting bids for AHBPC 2015

AHBPC 2015: We are still accepting bids for hosting AHBPC 2015 up until 30th of June. Is your club interested? Want to know more? For info on what is needed, check out

Sydney has all the resources you’d need from CAD court drawings, material and equipment lists, full budget and expenses, media packs etc so keep that in mind.

Bids will be public and reviewed by all players and voted via your club reps on 14 the July 2014.

Dates Confirmed for AHBPC 2014

The courts and now confirmed and booked for the 2014 Australia and New Zealand Championships in Sydney!

The tournament dates are: Friday 28th March – Sunday 30th March 2014

THIS WILL BE A THREE DAY TOURNAMENT!!! woohoo! The courts are booked for two days prior and a day after the tournament and Sydney is looking to hold a few fun events in the lead up too. These dates are set in stone now so feel free to start booking your holiday leave.

Love, from Sydney ‘Hardcourt’ Bike Polo


AHBPC 2014 banner

It is my great pleasure to officially announce that SYDNEY will be hosting the Australasian Championships in 2014!!!

You can visit the Sydney Bike Polo page to view their complete bid. In the coming weeks we will be migrating the information across as well as posting up the exact dates once confirmed (likely late March at this stage).

What we do know will happen is that it will be three full sized courts over THREE DAYS of competition. This will be a first for Australia and NZ and allow more teams and importantly a more accurate ranking system before the knock out stage begins.

Come get some!