WHBPC Qualification

The Fist (MLB: Dave, Andrew SEA: Sean)
Alchemists (PER: Ned, Scottie, SYD: Ben L)
The Sentinels (BNE: Ollie, Max, Tom H)
Lemons (SYD: Brook, Stephen, Martin)

#GigatownTimaru (TUI: Sam, Ash, Ash)
Jordan Heppell (BNE)
Alan England (AUK)
Nicholas Doyle (BNE)
Rainer Balzat (BNE)
Jon Giles (BNE)

For current info on this years WHBPC in Montpellier (France), the teams attending, and how you can register, please visit this page

Each year The World Championships designates a set number of teams from each region around the world. The AHBPA is responsible for allocating our regions designated spots to the most eligible teams from Australia and New Zealand. This is set by the results from the annual Australasian Championships. For 2014, our region has a total of 6 team spots available.

Process for allocating spots to the World Championships

1. Posting process proposed by the AHBPA
2. Notification to all individual players (not teams) to register/sign up for waiting list (allows qualified teams to see whos available if missing a third)
3. Email qualified teams with an offer of a spot at WHBPC. Teams must match criteria outlined to accept the spot.
4. To accept the spot, a team must formally reply to the AHBPA two weeks after being offered the position. Initial spots will be offered with a reasonable deadline set for the spot to be accepted by.
5. A team may decline a spot and by doing so, the spot will then be passed down to next qualified team.
6. Repeat until all spots are filled. Individual players may still register their interest in case a team needs a third.

Criteria for Qualification

1. The top (number of spots TBC) placed teams from the AHBPC will be offered a spot at the WHBPC.
2. To accept the spot at the WHBPC, each team must consist of at least 2/3rds of:
2a. the same qualified team from the AHBPC.
2b. Australian and/or New Zealand players.
3. If, for some reason a player must pull out, whether financial, personal or due to injury, a team may replace that player with some one of their choosing, maintaining the above mentioned 2/3rds rule (#2a and #2b). This may be with a player from an unqualified team.
4. In the situation that a qualified team has two members which cant attend worlds, the minority player (1/3 of the qualifying team) can join or form with another qualified team.
5. If two minority players (both 1/3 of a qualified team) join to create a new team, they will be ranked as the next highest team below the cut-off point from AHBPC. This new team may also be formed with a player from an unqualified team.
6. If any of the qualified teams discard their claim for a spot at Worlds, the spot will be offered down to the next highest rank team. As described, this will first be a team of qualified minority players from qualified teams, followed by the highest ranked team from AHBPC below the initial cut-off point.
7. In the case of there being more than one team created with minority players from qualified teams, the minority team with the highest ranking players will have priority.

An “Australian or New Zealand player” is for our purposes some one who has lived or currently lives in either country while playing bike polo.

An “international player” is someone from outside Australia and New Zealand and while travelling and plays in an Australasian tournament.

A “qualified team” is one of the top teams at AHBPC. The number of qualified teams in any given year is decided by the Worlds committee, referred to below as the “cut-off point”.

An “unqualified team” is a team that still competed in nationals but placed below the cut-off point.

A “minority player” is a player from a qualified team who’s two team mates will not be able to attend worlds.

AHBPC is the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.

“WHBPC” is the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.

Final placings from AHBPC

The rankings from AHBPC was done by final position at the end of the tournament. Tied teams were then ranked by the double elimination goal difference then goals for.

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