AHBPC Bid Process

Bidding Process for 2015 Australasian Championships

The current process for a club/city to bid for the 2015 Australasian Championships is as follows:

1. Club to create a formal bid and officially posted to the public by Monday 24th March 2014
2. Bids will be available to view for 4 weeks and open to discussion.
3. Each rep to be given one vote on behalf of their club. Voting to be an internal process within the AHBPA.
4. Voting by cities to be completed by Sunday the 20th of April 2014.
5. Announcement made shortly after by majority vote.

Contents of a Formal Bid

While there is no set criteria of what a city includes in their bid, it should include anything that is essential to hosting a successful tournament. Below is a list of items that might be included:

- proposed venue
- number of courts
- quality of courts
- maximum number of teams that can be hosted
- history of tournaments hosted (including team numbers)
- number of regular players in your city
- tournaments attended by players from your city

Non essential items included might be food and accommodation.

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