Registration for the World Championships 2014

The current process for a player or team to register for the World Championships is listed in the “WHBPC Qualification” sub menu.

Bidding Process for the Australasian Championships 2015

The current process for a city to bid for the 2015 Australasian Championships is listed in the “AHBPC Bid Process” sub menu.

AHBPA crest

AHBPA Background

With Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Association (a.k.a Jedi Council) now functioning, polo in Australia & New Zealand is one step closer to be legitimised in the wider community as an official sport. While this will not affect the casual pick-up and weekly social games, it will help to create a communication bridge between clubs as well as maintaining a consistent rule-set and assistance in organizing major tournaments.

So far, since its conception in 2011, the AHBPA has overseen the allocation of Australasian spots for the worlds championships in 2012 and 2013, and has created a bidding process for hosting the Australasion Championships and has created and maintained an AHBPA ruleset for gameplay. We are currently looking at ways that we can further achieve the aim of uniting bike polo across Australasia and improving bike polo across Australasia.

Current AHBPA Representatives

Brisbane – Jamie Barber and Oliver Wykeham
Canberra – Nick Dixon-Wilmshurst
Gold Coast – Bennett Rust and Jock Cockburn
Melbourne – Tom Partington and David Corrin
Newcastle – Adam Milligan and John Harrington
Perth – Scott DMello and Ned Collins
Sydney – Brook Tait-Styles and Daniel Strout
Hobart – John Bennett
Adelaide -

New Zealand
Auckland – Alan England and Mikey Brenndorfer
Christchurch – Carissa Ptacek and Andy Balcar
Hamilton – Fleur Foreman
Taupo – Nigel Tipene and Shane Blackmore
Timaru – Sam Callander and Mike Broadhead
Wellington – Nathaniel Fournier and Sam O’Neill

To contact the committee, propose ideas or just catch up on the broader news, get in contact with your club rep or send an email to “ahbpa@googlegroups.com”

More information about the Committee at League of Bike Polo

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