2014 Rules

Current NAH Tournament Ruleset

During weekly bike polo generally we try to keep as few rules as possible. Rules vary slightly from city to city.

General Gameplay Rules

  • Teams of 3.
  • 15 minute games
  • First to 5 goals, wins.
  • To start, each team waits at their end and joust for the ball at center court after a countdown.
  • A goal can only be scored by hitting it with the end of the mallet.
  • If you put your foot down, you must tap in at centre before re-entering play.
  • After scoring a team must return to their half and wait for an opposition player or ball to pass half way.

Safety Rules

  • Like contact allowed: mallet on mallet, bike on bike and body on body. No ramming, pushing or grabbing.
  • Keep your mallet down, watch your backswing.
  • No malleting (mallet tripping tyres) or mallets in spokes
  • No throwing mallets

Rules Archive

2013 Australian Rules

click here to download them in full.

2012 Tournament Rules, Melbourne

This document is based on the previous Australian rules below.  It is updated based on the 2012 World Championships and London Open.  It includes Advantage, Delayed penalties and a clearer explanation of how rules are applied rather than just a list of rules.

2012 NAH / Worlds Rules Update

Australia maintained it’s own ruleset from 2008-10. In 2011 the newly formed North American Hardcourt association compiled a standard set for major tournaments and the Seattle world championships. Australasia adopted these rules for 2011 and 2012.

These rules received a major overhaul in 2012.  There are areas that still need to be covered as the game develops. More detailed discussions are in the LOBP discussions below.

Detailed discussions on each chapter:


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