What is the ideal polo court?

The ideal polo court has the following ingredients.

The ideal polo court is flat (level)  Most sporting facilities are level, wheras car parks may not be.

The ideal polo court is smooth concrete or bitumen, basketball and tennis courts are generally smooth, but not always.

The ideal polo court is enclosed, by kerbs, edges, fences or wall.  The more enclosed a court is, the more continuous and addictive your gameplay.  Consider using pieces of wood to make your court even more enclosed.

The ideal polo court is uncontested space. Security guards, sporting coaches and even just cars can make things complicated if they want to use your polo court for what it might have been originally constructed for.

The ideal polo court is in a nice spot.  It’s easy for everyone to get to, has passing cyclists and pedestrians, food and water nearby, seating, grass and trees or shade all add to the game.

The ideal polo court is the right size, not too big, not too small.  Try playing on different sizes to figure out what you like.  Generally something between one or two tennis courts or basketball courts works well. (depending on how much space you have from wall to wall/fence to fence, not just the court as marked on the pavement.

A court that is too small could be used for 2 on 2 and will improve ball handling in a slow environment, a court that is too big will speed up games and teach new players that going around opponents is easier than facing them directly with increased ball handling skills.

A nicely sized court will let you find the balance between the speed of gameplay and skill development.

The ideal night polo court is also well lit.

The ideal winter court is also undercover.

Watch out for court dangers, whilst they could be a risk, it’s most likely they’ll ruin your enjoyment of polo by always getting in the way (poles, 10 storey drop’s of multi level car parks, drainage grates, pipes etc).

The ideas bike polo court is a street hockey rink?

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