New Melbourne court under construction!

** Updated November 2014 **



The court is under construction and current expected completion is March 2015.

** Update April 2014 **

$3m Construction contract was approved by council on 29 April.
View council approval documents here

The court and park is expected to be completed in December 2014. This is a 6 month delay on previous plans due to the unexpected complexity in relocation of underground services before excavation and landscaping can occur.

** Update June 2013 **

$2 million was approved by the Council on Tuesday night for the Cage redevelopment!

The Rathdowne cage is being redeveloped into a full sized multi purpose court in line with  our submissions.

Our submissions directly affected the design by:
-  Moving basketball poles from the court surface to behind the fence
-  Raising the concrete edge from 15cm to 60cm
-  Aligning steps flush with the courts edge and removing other obstructions
-  Making 45 degree corners
-  Placing surrounding lighting to maximise light spillage onto the court


BIG thanks to everyone who has helped with the submissions, reviewed drafts, suggestions, and offering moral support.

Hopefully this will be only the first of many new multi purpose hardcourts in Melbourne. The court should be completed by June 2014

** Update March 2013 **
The landscape architects have been in touch with us and they have taken on board most of our comments to make the basketball court truly multi-purpose. This includes: Including the basketball support pole into the fence, a continuous concrete edge around the court 2m beyond the painted basketball lines and 45 degree corners on all four sides.

** Update January 2013 **

The design of the park is currently being developed and a budget bid has been submitted for 2013-14 financial year. If this is successful it is roughly expected that the current court would be demolished before Christmas 2013, with the new courts constructed before June 30 2014.”

The City of Melbourne has released it’s draft concept plan for the Neil Street reserve which includes a new basketball court and it’s looks awesome!

Our beloved cage featured in the Herald Sun video (April 2011) but since the light globe failed last summer, we havent been able to play on weeknights since daylight savings.

The proposed basketball court features a seating wall, similar to Technology Park in Sydney and the steps at North Carlton. The surface is also going to be ashphalt which will be much more suitable for an informal public court than fancy precious designer surfaces.

Melbourne Bike Polo has made a submission to the council to support the draft plan and we are trying to stay involved in the process to make sure we can still use the space (and get the light fixed!)

You can view the current court on street view here
You can view the Herald Sun Video here
Download the full concept plans here
You can read our submission here

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