Final results for AHBPC12

The organisers in Perth have been working tirelessly on their now patented iPolo device to bring us the final scores of the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2012.

Many thanks to Wall Parker for his efforts during the tournament, he did not play on a team in order to ensure the tournament ran smoothly, and smoothly it ran

The full ladder can be seen here on the Challonge website

Ties for 5th/6th, 7th/8th, 9th, 13th and 17th were decided by Goal Difference, then Goals For, then Goals Against

Rankings are as follows
1st: NASFWG (Perth: Prawi, Scotty, Ned)
2nd: TDR (Bris: Ollie, Dom, Dave)
3rd: Dog Soccer (Syd/SF: Brook, Tom, Morgan)
4th: Love Sex Violence (Syd: Locky, Steve, Virginia)

5th: Melbourne Anchor (Melb: Damon, Leigh, Will), Goal Difference of +5
6th: Majestic Pink Shafts (Bris: Jordan, Jamie, Rob), Goal Difference of +3

7th: Samurai Polo Cats (Melb/Perth: Sam, Rob M, Lachy Ritchie), Goal Difference of +4
8th: T.B.A (Melb: AJ, Ray, Vive), Goal Difference of 0

9th: KBPA+ (Taiwan/Perth: Mark, Yu, Julius), Goal Difference of +1
10th: Wait Awhile (Perth: Alex, James, Tom), Goal Difference of -3
11th: Bolopears (Melb), Goal Difference of -4
12th: D.Y.G.D.O.Y.M.L.T (Bris), Goal Difference of -6

13th and 14th place tied on Goal Difference, Goals For, Goals Against
13th and 14th: Cock & Balls (Perth: Ash, Mattie, Shane), Goal Difference of +4, Goals For 12, Goals Against 8
13th and 14th: Hall and Scrotes (Perth: Brad, Derren, Mike), Goal Difference of +4, Goals For 12, Goals Against 8
15th: Happy Endings (Adl: Andrew, Colin, Tom), Goal Difference of -5
16th: Godzilla Symphony (Perth/JPN: Nick D, Nick M, Yohei), Goal Difference of -6

17th: Knifey Spoony (Melb/Scot/USA: Gavin, James, Robbie), Goal Difference of -2
18th: WTWSA (Perth/Bris: Ben, Katie, Ted), Goal Difference of -4
19th: Rejected Polo Monkeys (Perth: Daniel, Kristie, Ryan), Goal Difference of -5
20th and 21st place tied on Goal Difference, Goals For, Goals Against
20th and 21st: The UnaPOLOgetics (Syd: Daniel, Jack, Robin), Goal Difference of -7, Goals For 1, Goals Against 8
20th and 21st: The Underdogs (Syd: Danos, Eduardo, Tsz), Goal Difference of -7, Goals For 1, Goals Against 8

22nd/DFL: GC Studs (GC: Bennett, Jock, Todd), Goal Difference of -10

The Day 1 pooled round robin stats can be seen here, with Melbourne Anchor coming first, Majestic Pink Shafts coming second, Bolopears coming third and Dog Soccer coming fourth

7 thoughts on “Final results for AHBPC12

  1. Huge thanks to all of PCP for bringing us this event, many months of work went into raising funds, booking courts, barriers, rounding up prizes, food, marquees, signs and a million other small considerations.

    If it weren’t for the likes of God, Matt, Ash and everyone else who pitched in to help we wouldn’t have made it to first base.

    Wives and girlfriends were neglected and lives put to one side by many folks so that we would have players attending and a venue to host in, all of which allowed this event to come off smoothly.

    It was a privilege to host the nationals here in Perth and great to have such a positive response.

    Thanks from Perth Cycle Polo.

    And, at the end of the day Perth won. So suck on that.

  2. Hey Rob, nice work, might want to check the GD for 13th and 14th places. Both +4, both 12 GF but different GA which doesn’t add up strangely.

    If GD and GF are used, then GA is inconsequential.

  3. Hi Brook, thanks for that. The 13th and 14th places were in different matches with different opponents so their GA are different even if the GD is the same. You can check out the ladder on the site

    The original rankings had 4 or more teams tied for 9th 13th and 17th place (17th place had 6 teams tied). It’s nice to see exactly where your team came. The round numbers were not recorded

  4. Looking at Challonge, C&Bs had 8 against, not 7, which would match the correct GD and GF you’ve put in. I guess that means both teams tied for 13th spot?

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