Jingle balls day 2 scores

Day 2

Day 2 has finished with a bang!  Some incredible matches, games being won by a small margin, and some 10 minute games being taken to full time, extra 10 minute time, and shotgun finals (footdown = out)

Thank you to everyone for coming down and making this such a great weekend, especially our friends from Brisbane and Adelaide who kicked some ass in a big way

There were a few injuries – Steve rolled his ankle, Sammy P cramped his shooting hand and Will caught something in his eye

Finally, on to the scores

First place has been taken all the way to Adelaide with Noblemen defeating Lewd 3 – 1 in an epic final. It should be noted that for the final game, noblemen had 2/3 players subbed due to injuries. Andrew fourth remained in, with Colin and Vive subbing in for Sammy P and Steve respectively.

Lewd had gone undefeated all day in the winners bracket until the final, and noblemen won their way back from the losers bracket

1st) Noblemen (ADL: Steve, Sammy P, Andrew)

2nd) Lewd (MEL: Damon, Leigh, Will)

3rd) Hans Polo (MEL/SCOTLAND/ADL:Ray, Gav, Daisuke)

4th) Testicles (MEL/USA: Bart, Chris, James)

Please upload any photos you have to our Melbourne group and we’ll include it in this post!



4 thoughts on “Jingle balls day 2 scores

  1. The final game of the day
    Nobleman had two injured players.
    nobleman did sub 2/3 thirds of their team.
    Vive subbed in for Sammy p & Colin subbed in for Steve.
    Lewd went undefeated all weekend before the single elimination.

    Well done to everyone who played in the Melbourne tourney.
    It was awesome.

    Next time Vive…… I’ll get you..,

  2. Rokk on team Vive and Will and rob and Damo and Andy for filming and Bart and Team Radalaide for the self carnage and everyone for turning up AWESOME day.
    Next time I hope I dont miss out on the ciders..

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