Ultimate Smackdown photos and placings

Here are some of the photos from the recent Melbourne Ultimate Smackdown tournament

1. Buzzin Hornets (Damon, Leigh, Scott) tied with Los Polo Hermanos (Benee, Joel, Will)
3. El super bastardos (Andrew, Ray, Sam)
4. VIVE LA ROBOLUTION (Rob B, Rob M, Vive)

The final match between Buzzin Hornets and Los Polo Hermanos was one of the finest matches this year. Buzzin Hornets were playing well but Los Polo Hermanos pulled together and were on top form and they were fast. At the ten minute mark, neither side had scored and neither side had advantage. LPH were fast and pounced on all opportunities, the Hornets were tactical and held possession. With the daylight fading at 5pm it was close to the wire and after fifteen minutes Buzzin Hornets sank a goal which was immediately answered by a cracking goal by LPH from half-court. Both teams declared a draw due to lack of light

There were plenty of prizes to go around for Best Costume, Best new player, Best female player, MVP and many more

Here below is a slideshow of the photos I took at the tournament. Please feel free to tag photos or drop comments for the various prizes

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