Christchurch Winter Whack 2 Roundup

Stay tuned for a bit more reportage here later in the week.

Last weekend, 6 players from Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland travelled to Christchurch for the second annual Winter Whack tournament in Christchurch. Overall 12 teams competed for awards in both the Whackers and the Hackers brackets. These 2 brackets split the field after a mornings play and single elimination finals for each bracket were held during the afternoon.

Friday evening also saw 1 on 1 knife fights where goals are substituted with a red bull can and the first to 3 wins in a single elimination format. Shuffles are allowed. After several rounds, JT from

Christchurch won a set of wheels from BASIC bikes in Christchurch.
Congratulations to The Hammer of Thor (Damon- MLB, Glenn AKL & Will -MLB) for their Whackers victory and to Rigid & Frigid (Mark P, Rick & Wayne CHC) for their Hackers win (7th place) to coin an over used phrase Bike Polo was the winner on the day!

View this Tourney info and discussion on the League of Bike Polo

Photos by Tony Brunt

A quick note on these photos and the above group photo. Tony is a local from the bike scene and is slowly going amateur pro with his photography. Tony has invested a serious amount of time in taking and processing the enormous amount of images he took, plus he’s given CHCHardcourt several of the images to be used by our Sponsors and Supporters. It would be great if you could consider either buying a few snaps if you think he’s done a good job or just a small paypal donation to thank him for his work. He has been kind enough to put up all his photos at a reasonable size with a pretty discrete watermark which is appreciated.

Full results here soon, and this post will be updated.

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