Autumn Tournament 2011 photos

What a weekend, so much polo and good times, where to begin?

Thanks to Everyone for making an appearance, flying down, driving down and making this event the huge weekend of fun it was!

Tournament final Placing
1st Storm Boys (Damon, Lewis, Neil)
2nd VIVE LA ROBOLUTION (Rob B, Vive, Rob M)
3rd LSV (Locky, Steve, Virginia)
4th Chixie Dix (Brook, Tom, Ray)

5th Polo Beers (Bart, Andrew, Chris)
6th Los Polo Hermanos (Will, Benee, Eazy)
7th Majestic Pink Shafts (Jamie, Ali, Jordan)
8th Boy Girl Boy (Steph, Sam, Ben)

LSV #3 Chixie Dix #4


Day 1
The first days Round Robin matches went through without too many problems, with the last games finishing before sunset. After a short interlude the kegs arrived at the park and festivities continued with Blane’s bike mounted stereo till the Autumn cold set in and we retired to Bar Fred for pizza and craft brews

Stats for Day 1 Round Robin
Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points
1st seed: Storm Boys: 13 points
2nd seed: VIVE LA ROBOLUTION: 10 Points
3rd seed: Los Polo Hermanos: 8 Points
4th seed: LSV: 7 points
5th seed: Majestic Pink Shafts: 6 points
6th seed: Chixie Dix: 5 points
7th seed: Polo Beers: 4 points
8th seed: Boy Girl Boy: 2 points

Day 2
The second day kicked off smoothly with an announcement of placing and the first games kicked off before noon
Seeding was done 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th, 3rd v 6th, 4th v 5th.
A minor error in seeding brought 1st and 2nd place teams playing off early. This match saw Storm Boys beat VIVE LA ROBOLUTION 3-2.

Some amazing matches between Majestic Pink Shafts vs Boy Girl Boy, Storm Boys vs LSV, Polo Beers vs VIVE LA ROBOLUTION, and Chixie Dix vs Storm Boys are available from AJs torrent set here

VIVE LA ROBOLUTION bumped down to the losers second losers bracket managed to win their way through to the Finals

Storm Boys won all the way up to the finals where they met VIVE LA ROBOLUTION once more for the finals. Storm Boys defeated VIVE LA ROBOLUTION 5-0 with the final donkey punch from Damon

Stats for Day 2
1st Storm Boys: 18 goals
2nd VIVE LA ROBOLUTION: 21 goals
3rd LSV: 9 goals
4th Chixie Dix: 9 goals
5th Polo Beers: 8 goals
6th Los Polo Hermanos: 6? goals (not all games recorded)
7th Majestic Pink Shafts: 3+ goals (not all games recorded)
8th Boy Girl Boy: 2 goals

Autumn 2011 votes
MVP: Vive / Ali
Best Goal: Locky (Acknowledgement to Damon)
Best Goalie: Virginia
Best Heckle: Tom
Best Referee: Jordan
Best Outfits: Majestic Pink Shafts
Waaaaaambulance award: Rob M
Biggest Stack: Locky
Latest on court: Rob M / Eazy
Best Lady player: Steph

Prizes Storm Boys prizes VIVE LA ROBOLUTION prizes LSV prizes Dixie Chicks prizes Best Ref prize: Jordan Best Goalie: Virginia Best Goal: Locky Waaaaaambulance Award: Rob M DFL Prize: Boy Girl Boy Organisers

Blane from Cargone Couriers MVP award Best Goal Acknowledgement: Damon Best Heckle: Tom Biggest Stack: Locky Latest On Court: Rob M and Eazy Best Female player: Steph RR results Double Elim results

Thanks to Everyone for making an appearance, flying down, driving down and making this event the huge weekend of fun it was!

Special thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped out, especially our BBQers Agi and Ben, Referees, Timers and spotters Jordan, Jamie, Brook, Tom, Neil, Rob B, Sam, Vive, AJ, Damon, Lewis and everyone else, Scoreboarders Emma and Scott, Board Builders Andy, Vive, Rob B, and the huge Sound system provided by Blane at Cargone Couriers

Big thanks to our sponsors

Velocity for the Chukker Wheelset

Skin Grows Back for the Stem Pads, Mallet Straps, Tee and stickers


Velo Cycles for 3x Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres

Fyxation for the Alloy Bar ends

Fibre Flare for the Mini Flare lights

Plan B for Wheel Building and custom builds
Plan B: 0416 520 730

Cargone Couriers for the massive soundsystem

Here is a link to the Autumn Tournament Flickr Slideshow

All photos on flickr tagged with “Autumn2011 Polo”

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