Bench Minor Results

1st – Satan Sprockets
2nd – Purple Reign
3rd – Team Dingo
4th – Team Wolverine

MVP – Markus (Purple Reign/Bris)
Female MVP – Erin (Purple Reign/Bris)
Best Goal – Prawi (Team Dingo/Perth)
Best Rookies – Leon (Team Dingo/Sydney), Betony (Team Dingo/Sydney), Marty (Team Wolverine/Sydney)

Wolverine MVP – Chelsea (Adelaide)
Purple Reign MVP – Jamie (Brisbane)
Team Dingo MVP – Ali (London)
Satan Sprockets MVP- Joel (Melbourne)

A huge thanks to all our sponsors: Carhartt, Skin Grows Back, Domestique, Gear Brisbane, Brisbane Outdoor Gear, Knog, Sable and Argent, and an especial thanks to Potential of Hydrogen for their help securing the court for the weekend.

If you have photos from the weekend please upload them to flickr and add the tag “SydBench2011″


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