Bench Minor Draw Release

Each team has 1 back-to-back game.

The schedule is being made VERY clear. Copies of the draw will be made available on the day.
Games will start at the appointed time. If some players from a team are not ready/present the game will begin without them.
In the event that a captain is late to a game the team is responsible for appointing a temporary captain.

To make the Finals process clear:

All 4 teams will progress to the finals, however the top 2 teams will be given a distinct advantage.

Final 1:Team 1 will play Team 2 – The winner of this game goes through to the Grand Final, the loser gets a second chance.
Final 2:Team 3 plays team 4 – The winner proceeds, the loser is eliminated.
Final 3:Winner of Final 2 plays the loser from Final 1. The loser takes 3rd place.
Grand Final: Winner of Final 3 plays the winner of Final 1 for the Championship.

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