Australia Day Tourney Results


Australia Day Polo Tournament 2011

Congratulations to Gentlepersons (Leigh, Lewis and Scott) for winning the Australia day tourney. Congratulations also to Ali and Chris for tying up the MVP award!

1st Place – Gentlepersons (Leigh, Lewis, Scott)
2nd Place – Vive Las Vegas (Vive, Rob B, Rob M)
3rd Place – Big Top (Ali, Ray, Alex)

Photos and a video of the final will be posted shortly.

View all the Round Robin Stats here

Final 1 Gentlepersons def Foriegn Legionnaires 5-1
Final 2 Vive Las Vegas def Big Top 4-3
Final 3 Big Top def Foriegn Legionnaires 5-3 for Third Place

Grand Final Gentlepersons def Vive Las Vegas 5-2 (Game duration 10m:46s)

Thanks so much to our Sponsors: Knog, Saint Cloud, Abbotsford Cycles, Human Powered Cycles, Velo and Will Jetnikoff Specials.

Thanks must also go to: Sam for organising all the prizes, and dealing with all the cash and food. Rob B for bringing the BBQ (and Aarons mum and Emma for cooking!) and score board and Rob M for bringing the stereo, Caff for the spoke cards, AJ for adding colour to the rego system and building the electronic stats system you can see linked above, and everyone who goal reffed at the lonely end during the day.

Thanks also to Blaine @ CarGone couriers for dropping by with the big guns stereo later in the day, sorry we couldnt crank it up, we’ll have to try it out at a less residential court in the future!

4 thoughts on “Australia Day Tourney Results

  1. Awesome, gotta love the people you dont know who come good with the flickr goods, thanks Andy!
    I have all the photos from Ray’s camera and mine too, will try and get them up today, otherwise on the weekend.

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