Sydney Bench Minor – Registration Open

February 5 and 6
Alexandria Park, Alexandria – Sydney
Cost: TBD – will include the cost of a tournament/team tshirt to distinguish players and their teams.
Registration closes January 5, 2011

So what the hell is Bench Minor?
Think bike polo goes pro sport. 9 players a side, playing games to time – not 5 goals(2 x 20 min halfs), captains, tactics, “special teams”. Its something new. Its still 3 players on a court at any give time, but with 9 players to work with the games will be faster and more intense. Captains can form “lines” with their players, and special teams for given situations – like a defensive team for defending that 1 goal lead for the dying seconds of a game.

It adds a new dynamic to the game. More team work, heckling, getting to play with a bigger range of players, players from other cities and learning to play with and against different styles of play.

Registering and the Draft
Official registration will be through the registration form here.

Once you are registered, and the captains are chosen, the captains will participate in a draft. This will operate like the draft at the start of any major sport season. Each team in turn has the opportunity to select players and assemble the best possible team.
Please only register if you actually plan on attending. If for some reason you register and then have to pull out, please be in contact immediately so we aren’t expecting you.

Captain Nomination
Please nominate people who you would like to see as team Captains, using the registration form below.
You can nominate more than one captain, people from other cities and yourself too if you are interested in the position. We would love to have 4 or 5 teams (somewhere between 36-45 players) which means we can have a pretty wide spread of captains, players and talent.

Nominations should be based on a player’s talent, leadership qualities, confidence and knowledge of other players (i.e going to Brisbane for nats would be a good qualifier). Captains will be involved in selecting their team during the DRAFT and running their team and lines on the day(s) of the tourney.

Also check out the links for info from the original Bench Minor in NYC:

Bench minor tournament – Bike polo – Nyc march 2010 from Uolmo on Vimeo.

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