2010 Nationals Rules Announced

Update: 9th Sep 2010. The nationals rules have been announced by Brisbane at fixed.org.au. They are based on last years nationals rules (see below), They includes the following change from last years Nationals:

The team that scores a goal must return and circle their goals, either by passing through the goal, or by passing behind both cones. The exception being a goalie who is positioned within the goals (or a reasonable distance away which will be demonstrated before play on Saturday) who can play on immediately. The team who have been scored against will be able to play on immediately.

Download the 2010 Nationals Rules PDF Here

Download the 2010 Nationals Rules DOC Here

More information on the 2010 Nationals in Brisbane Sep 18-19

3 thoughts on “2010 Nationals Rules Announced

  1. So if the attacking team charge, score and end up on the back line, then the team scored against can grab the ball and head straight up with the now defending team left behind?
    Sounds like another way of mandating a goalie

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