European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010 – Geneva

Greetings from Berlin!

So far in the last month I’ve played polo in Paris, Karlsruhe, Geneva (Euro Champs), Munich (Masscup indoor tourney), and just arrived in Berlin where in two weeks I will be joined by my Sydney team mates, 2 Melbourne teams and a team from Adelaide where we will all compete in the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.

For some idea of the standard of polo in Europe, the Euro’s in Geneva 2 weeks ago hosted 48 teams from across the continent, on 3 immaculate, identical courts, over 2 days.

The courts were built from demountable hockey boards, 32m x 16m, and 3 sets of amazing, fire-engine-red, netted custom POLO goals.

The final game went to 5-4, and took 32 minutes for L’Equip (Geneva) to finish Cosmic (London) to claim European glory for the second year running.

1. L’equipe (Geneva)

2. Cosmic (London)
3. El club (Barcalona)
4. Rotten Apples (London)
5. Toros (Munich) / Polosynthese (Frankfurt)
7. Apologie (Paris) / MGM (Paris)
9. Bambule (Berlin) / ToughShit (Munich)/ MoteurF (Geneva) / SharkA (Karlsruhe)
13.PoloEro / Clowns / Roling Hoods / Netto
17.BAD / EHVFXD / PoloStubli / IronPony /Rakete / RICircles / Broken Legs / DBAA
25.Barca / Lausanne / Marteau Players / Cambridge / Malice / Budapest / 69ers / Malaforca
More photo sets on the site here.

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