Winter Whack Tournament, Christchurch NZ

Winter Whack Tournament

Thought I’d drop you an email to invite your respective bike polo crews to our “Winter Whack” tournament here in Christchurch – NZ. It’s going to be held on Saturday 14th August – yes we’re fully aware that date is the same as the Worlds in Berlin and will sadly exclude some of you from attending.

That said, we figured there’s a bunch of Aussie players who’d love to play in an international tournament but can’t get to Berlin (for whatever reason)….”Christchurch the Berlin of the Southern Hemisphere”!!

Auckland are sending down a couple of teams to play and we have hooked up with a few sponsors, including Eighthinch with their blinged out golden mallets as first place prize – worth the trip to NZ alone, surely!

It’s 6 weeks away and should still allow some financial recovery time before the Nationals in Brisbane for those who need to factor in travel costs to both. Can you guys let others in your cities know about this. We’ll get the publicity poster out in the next few days and I’ll start to infiltrate your forums and blogs too.


Craig Johnston
(aka Polo Camo)

Christchurch Hardcourt Bike Polo

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