Pre-WHBPC Tournament Sat 7th August

We’re happy to announce that Melbourne Bike Polo will be holding a tournament the weekend before some of our Australian teams head over to compete in Berlin

If you couldn’t make it overseas, then this is your opportunity to join in the fun and send off the aussie teams before the big match

Registration is open from 25th July till August 5th here

The game format will be Double Elimination

When: Saturday 7th August, starting 11am. We will meet in the CBD outside the State Library at 10:30am and ride out to the court

Where: Fishmarkets Arena

What: Bring chairs, drinks, warm clothes, food and water

How much: $5 per player. All proceeds go to our Aussie teams in Berlin.

A batch of beer is being brewed as we speak for this event, so bring your own glass.

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