Brisbane Throw Up, Full Results, Writeup, Photos and Video.

Brisbane Tourney Flyer by Gypsy stolen from

First Place: Damon (Melbourne), Lewis (Sydney) and Root Beer/Jeremy (Chicago via Syd)
Second Place: Maija (Toronto via Syd/Melb) Chris Bell (Brisbane) and Mason (Brisbane)
Third Place: Will (Melbourne), Dave (Brisbane), Jamie (Brisbane)
Fourth Place: Virginia (Sydney) Gypo (Brisbane), Lachie (Sydney)

Best Overall: Damon (Melbourne) +7
Top Goal Scorers: Equal Damon & Gypsy 24 goals each over the weekend.

Best New Players: Chris Ball (Brisbane) & (? – Brisbane) Sorry I forgot this one, comment please?)

Ranga Dave’s writeup here on his BO Gear Blog

Gavin from Biking Brisbane has published photos and videos from the weekend

Bike Polo Tournament, Group Game from Gavin Bannerman on Vimeo. Discussion Here

Complete Results for Pickup Rounds

Brisbane Throwup Complete Pickup Rounds Results.

Complete Goal Score Tally

Brisbane Throwup Complete Goal Tally

Top 12 Places after Pickup Rounds
Brisbane Throwup Top 12 players for the finals.

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