Warburton Cycle Fest Tournament Results

Warburton polo court

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Bike Polo demo at Warburton Cycle Fest yesterday!

We played demo matches between 11am and 2pm and many people had a go at bike polo for the first time, looks like there could be a Healesville-Warburton league in development.

The tournament at 2pm was a 6 team single elimination, played according to normal Melbourne rules with 2 new rules, each team needed a new (and/or/non Melbourne) player, and a team colour.

Congratulations to Team Back in Black! and Jarrod for Most Valuable Player!


1st place (Iain – Healesville, Ray and Chris)
Most Valuable Player: Jarrod (Warburton), Team Green

Team Back in Black – Iaian, Ray & Chris
Team Blue Dogs – Vive, Rob & Phil
Team Red Light Go – Jol, Benny,
Team Green – Jarrod, Rob and Leigh
Team Fluro Yellow – James, AJ &
Team Yellow, Brad, Maija & Cale

Game 1 – Black def Blue 5-3
Game 2 – Green def Yellow 4-1
Game 3 – Black def Red 3-2
Game 4 – Green def Fluro Yellow 3-2
Final – Black def Green 5-4

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