Melbourne Autumn Tournament results and photos

Thanks to everyone who helped run the tournament, collect prizes, set up the boards, pack up the boards, make the flier, ref and cook the BBQ.  The brackets ran smoothly, gameplay was at a high level and spectacular to watch

A big thanks to our sponsors Knog, Anticoast, Skin grows back, Velo Cycles, Commuter Cycles, Human Powered Cycles and especially to Fibreflare who came down to cheer on our players

There were too many awesome plays to name, the prizes for Best Goal went to Locky who dealt a cracking shot, Best Goalie to Virginia who stood firm against plenty of goals on target, and a joint Most Valuable Player award went to to Chris and Brad who both showed their teamwork and goal scoring abilities.

A big thanks to our friends from Sydney and USA for coming down to play in this tournament, you guys really put on a show and we thank you for coming! It was great to send you off at the airport, come back soon!

Scores and results

Both Sydney teams, Chilli Bin Laden and Frogs Legs managed to fight through from their first loss to beat all other opponents and take up 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Top Shit remained undefeated throughout the tournament.

1st: Top Shit – Melbourne (Damon, Ray, Leigh)
2nd: Chilli bin laden – Sydney (Locky, Virginia, Brad via LA)
3rd: Frogs legs – Sydney (Maija – via Toronto, Lewis, Kez/Melbourne)

4th: Reacharound allstars AKA Where the fuck is Eazy? (Vive, Antoine, RobM) Melbourne
5th: Crazy 88s (Will, Benee, Joel) Melbourne
6th: MDMA (Lain, Brian, Safa) Melbourne
7th: Fuck Beer (Jeremy/USA, Cale/Melbourne, Pip/Melbourne)
8th: St.Juan (John, Nick, Scott) Melbourne
9th: Don’t know (Chris, Dave, Sam) Melbourne
10th: Untitled (Arron, Marko, sub) Melbourne

Team photos

Team Photo
Group photo from Sunday (day after). Apologies for missing it on the day.

Top Shit take out 1st prize
Top Shit (Ray, Damon, Leigh)

Chilli Bin Laden
Chilli Bin Laden (Virginia, Brad, Locky) representing Sydney

Frogs Legs
Frogs Legs (Kez, Maija, Lewis) representing Sydney

Reach Around Allstars
Reacharound Allstars (Vve, RobM, Antoine) AKA Where the fuck is Eazy?

Crazy 88s
Crazy 88s (Will, Bennee, Joel) who took out the prize for the Best Costume

Don't Know
Don’t Know (Sam, Dave, Chris)

Pictures not taken: MDMA, Unknown, St.Juan, Fuck beer

Here are all of the photos of the day in a slideshow

Video footage of the tournament is now being edited down and should be available in around a weeks time. Keep checking back for updates.

The rules for this tournament are available at

5 thoughts on “Melbourne Autumn Tournament results and photos

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  2. Great photos and write up, Rob. You forgot to mention my awesome team mate Brad was joint MVP with Chris.

    Thank you so much Melbourne (especially Rob for putting up with Locky and I for the weekend). I always love coming down and spending time with my southern friends and can’t wait to do it again.

    Hope to see you guys in Sydney very soon.

  3. Thanks V! Oh I forgot about Brad, sorry about that! I’ll update it now

    You guys are always welcome to come down and stay in melbs with me :D It was a lot of fun! We managed to work through most of those longnecks in the end and I’m very happy about it! hehe Bring on the next tournament!

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